A Knowable Universe


Last night I awoke while within a dream and suddenly realized I was leaving earth. I could not remember anything before this moment.  I tried hard to remember how I arrived at this point.  I knew this highly lucid state had been triggered by a deep desire to know my many visitors who grace my night.  


I am aware that there is no denying I am witnessing the real deal.  A part of me is afraid of the height at which we are traveling but I do not care.  If I am experiencing stellar travel I want to do it whole heartedly.  There is no looking back.  “Let’s go for it,” I think to myself.  I have an unobstructed view of everything in every direction as if I was in an invisible craft.  We are orbiting earth.  As we move further and further from earth, a deep separation anxiety comes over me. I am leaving my beloved terra.  Will I ever come back?  I know there is more out there I need to experience.  I am torn between the two worlds.  I wonder how I will ever find my way back.  At one point terra diminishes to a small dot in the sky indistinguishable from every other shadowy planet in the sky. 


Once we are far enough from earth, we change course and continue in a different direction across a black night of deep space.  Pressing onward we pass by many dark planets, shadowy worlds.  There are a few that exhibited signs of life, some are red and orange in color.  I notice most do not show signs of water yet I know they contain life.  I seem to be traveling backward with my back facing the direction in which we are headed.  Planets appear from over head into my field of vision.  At one point I wonder if it would be possible to reach out and touch one of these planets as it passes by.   I decide to try it.  I reach out my hand to touch the next planet passing over head believing it will float through my etheric hand.  


What follows happened very quickly in the blink of an eye without much forethought on my part.  


As the planet comes into contact with my had it erupts and shatters into many small pieces.  From the shattered remains emerges a beast of immense and incredible proportions.  I feel I unknowingly did harm to this planet. In shock and without thinking I grab the beast from over my head with both hands from under his arms and hurl him forward over my head in front of me to get a better look at him.  His face is coming at me at tremendous speed.  The shock of impact wakes me up. 


Now with open eyes,  at the precise moment to coincide with the actions in the dream, I sat up straight hurling his body head first into my sheets between my legs. He looked at me with disdain.  He had the face of human but the body of a non-descript nature spirit.  Motionless I remained frozen; our eyes locked on each other.  He soon faded. 


I immediately closed my eyes and returned to the dream.  I am now approaching our final destination.  It is a planet teaming with life.  Most of the life on this planet is formless; a melting pot of intelligent essence.  It is everywhere upon the land and beneath its surface.  This intelligence is iridescent blue and green and extremely vibrant. The entire planet is a glow with this life form.  I can also see humanoid creatures that walk the land.  They tell me of the many wars this planet place has seen.  I soon become aware that I am part of this crew with rights of passage to access this installment.  It is a headquarters of sorts. 

Upon landing we embark upon individual saucers much like individual toilet seats upon which one sits. These saucers fly you through the air.  I am surprised to find out that a saucer is assigned to me.  How did I even learn to fly this tiny saucer thing?  As I am guided to survey the land my memories are returned to me.  I slowly recall the history of this planet.   

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  1. Ruben, if you were a Hollywood scriptwriter you’d be rolling in money. Your dreams are so descriptive and full of images. When I read your posts I feel myself being there with you, experiencing the whole thing. I can’t wait for your next book. Now turn off the lights and go to bed! 🙂

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