A Lesson in Shifting Realities

PeyoteIn this dream I am witness to my own processes.  This person who I am watching (me) is an expert at entering and exiting shifting realities.  I watch him as he enters and embodies the physical realm.  He works as a team many of who stay behind in the other dimension to monitor his progress.  They then go in and try to find him to recover his soul.  His soul is encapsulated in a copper bar. The copper bar is not on him but is within the system he entered. In this one instance, he enters into another reality and becomes a red head boy.  I watch the process as the others then go in to try to locate the boy and recover his soul.  Each time they are successful.  He knows his work well.  I seem to have all knowledge they share as though I am in their mind.  Wanting to insert myself in one of these reality shifts I position my observer self where the next reality shift is to occur.  As if programmed, I carry out the instructions.  I am hiding in a closet as the shift begins to occur.  I descend into this new reality not knowing what to expect.  I am immediately discovered by those present.  I think I was expecting to be invisible to them but I wasn’t.  There are more people keyed in to the truth than I had originally expected.  They know why I’m here.  I am in someone’s bedroom where I decide to change something in this new reality.  I decide to open a window.  I’m worried that the change I made might be too obvious but I’m reassured that the change I made is acceptable.  I then get a phone call.  It is the phone call that determines where I am in the system.  They then recover my copper bar containing my soul.  I’m amazed at how all the events are orchestrated with such precision.  

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