A Scarf Among First

Academic DressI had a dream where I am given a burgundy scarf by two elderly women to replace a stripped blue and white scarf that I had been wearing.  I am told to set out on my appointed mission.


Now in my house, I am preparing to ready myself for my journey.  I am living in a house that is haunted.  My mind is on the task ahead of me when the spirit in the house begins to make his presence known.  He is opening and closing doors to make me aware of his presence. As I am getting ready to leave he confronts me in the stair well.  I don’t have time to deal with him.  I try to push my way through him.  A fight erupts between me and the spirit.  We tug at each other as each struggles to have the upper hand.  The conflict is so intense it wakes me up. 


Over me was the spirit from my dream.  He had me pinned to the bed.  I was so irritated that I immediately jumped up out of bed and stood up.  The spirit backed off and became an orb of vibratory green light resting just above my closet door about 3 feet from where I was standing.  In my right hand I held an in-flight pillow those they sell at airports.  I normally sleep with one every night and use it between my legs so that my knees don’t rest against each other.  Without hesitation, I whacked the green orb with my pillow squashing it against the door as if it was a fly on the wall.  I saw the green light from the orb turn dull against the door as the vibration ceased within the orb. 


Angrily, I grabbed my pair of shorts and walked over to the bathroom to pee.  I did my business and forcefully jumped bank in bed and grabbed my voice recorder to capture the details of the dream. 


As I journal this experience, I have to wonder what was the significance of the scarf?  Apparently there is such a thing as an academic scarf which felt appropriate here. I felt the dream was conferring honor, knowledge, authority and power to proceed on my journey.  I believe my mission is to gather my research for my next book on the nature of evil and the shadow self.


In many British and Irish colleges and universities, sets of two or more colors have traditionally been used as part of the distinctive visual identity of the institution. These colors are used in clothing and symbols of all kinds, from ties to trophies, but notably in the long woolen winter scarves that students often wear to show their pride in their Institution.


In looking at the colors of the scarves and the universities associated with those colors I found:


Blue and White

Hatfield College whose coat of arms reads, “Vel Primus Vel cum Primis” which literally means “Either First or With the First”

Trinity College, Oxford



Kings College

Saint Mary’s College


Now St. Mary synchronizes well with the dream because of the two women.  I see them as both Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Mary Magdalene is thought in metaphysical circles to have possessed knowledge of all the ancient Egyptian mysteries (see Mystery Schools)  which is why she is depicted in art with the skull.  Both are also considered the expression of the divine feminine the Easter Egg, the vulva vestibule, or the giver of life which is the aspect of spirituality we have lost in our patriarchal religions today.  The divine feminine possesses the mysteries of life.  If you’ve read The De Vince Code you know this to be the Holy Grail.  As you might have noticed this dovetails nicely into yesterday’s dream, The Assembly of Vestibules where I was among those secret societies like the Masons and Illuminati who are cloaked in mystery. 


Lastly is the meaning of color.  Colors are allocated to various fields of learning and have been apparently standardized by the American Council of Education in their Academic Costume Code.


White is Liberal Arts, Literature and Humanities.

Blue is Education and Philosophy

Burgundy is Law


Am I onto discovering the Holy Grail and the secret of life.  Is evil a mere front to shroud the heavily guarded secrets to the mysteries of life such that only he who overcomes fear can penetrate the veil.  Hmmm…  I think I’m on to something.

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