Out Of Tune But On Key

August 3, 2018

I had a dream where one of my co-worker purchased a few condo unit through work.  Work owned a hotel, The Concordia which was later made available to employees to purchase units in the building at discounted prices.  The offering was only made to employees, vendors were excluded.  I was a vendor at the time and therefore was not aware of the offering.  I feel it is unfair since we worked side by side for so many years.  We walk through the unit.  I like the layout very much and feel I could live here comfortably in my retirement had I been offered something similar.

There is a communal area of the building where my co-worker has placed many pianos.  He sits at one of them and begins to play.  I can tell the piano is out of tune but he makes the keys sound good even considering it is out of tune.  He explains his success is all about the rhythm.

How Do You Identify?

August 31, 2018

Last night as I am falling asleep I notice a bearded man talking to me. He is young with a long brown and beard with golden highlights. He is talking and talking. I can hear him on some level but not audibly. He walks off suddenly. My awareness says oh no get back here so I chase him to surpass him. I block him as he is about to head out the door. I tell him you are in my dream who are you? He turns around and looks directly at me. He is in shock, I guess surprised at my reaction and my ability to chase him down.

I’m now in another part of the dream. I tell my ex Joe I basically can not be with him anymore. He begins to cry as I leave him. He is quite enmeshed in my life and it will take a great deal to sever all ties.

I then find myself at a dinner party at a beach house. It is night fall. The host tells me its not too late to take a swim in the ocean. I decide to walk out to the water edge and get my feet wet. To get there I have to pass through the family room where there is a movie projector and stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. How charming is it for the host to have the tenderness of heart to hang stuffed animals from the ceiling. I continue walking toward the light in the projector. It feels as if I am walking into the movie that is queued up in the projector. I can see a glass door in the distance where a men stand guard. I hear him ask, “How do you identify?” It’s not a question I need to answer but simply ponder. He then explains the trance I am about to be placed under. I then see a series of bright blinking lights shine in my eyes. The lights are extremely disorienting. I can not tell up from down or right from left. On one wall I see a circle of rainbow colored lights. The rainbow is easier for me to focus on so I hold my attention on it.

As I am about to wake up I see someone walk past me. I can see the back of his or her head. The hair is a man’s cut of light brown. The person is trying to hide their face from me so I grab a hand full of hair preventing the person from passing unnoticed. Again I say this is my dream who are you? The person turns to look at me. It is a woman. She has very distinct features. I don’t recognize her directly but she is known to me.

The Table Congregation

August 29, 2018

Last night I had a bizarre dream.  I find myself in what appears to be a  stairwell of a building possibly leading to a mechanical area.  The way the stairwell is structured it is very complex.  It reminds me of the skeleton of Arc de Triomphe.  I am chasing an entity.  It is elusive.  It is a part of me that hides itself from me.  It passes in flashes of light.  This is an internal struggle where I alone can reconcile with this force within me.  I must find the flash of light and confront it, unite with it and harness it.  I must tame the beast.  I can see it zipping past me in the corners of my vision.

I decide on a strategy.  I scale the stairs to the top where there is a meeting hall with two separate, distinct and rectangular tables in the center.  People come here to resolve issues.  As the attendants walk in they take their seats.   There are two balcony rows above the area where the tables are where spectators can come and gather to view the discussions.  I sit at one of the tables and wait for everyone else to sit at either of the available tables.  I observe who is on which side.  Nancy Polossi walks in and sits at the opposing table.  I am thrilled to see her but she does not say hello.  She appears unfriendly and cold.  This angers me as I notice people here are not in good spirits with one another.  Since I am in charge of this space and this meeting that I’ve convened, I ask them to all stand and file themselves by their respective ages.  Not wanting to come together all the participants scatter to the balconies.  They don’t seem to want to follow instructions.  I  tell them they must accept the the terms or they cannot rejoin the table.  I give them instructions on how to pair up one junior member and one senior member.  The senior members must tutor the junior members and the junior members must assist with the responsibilities of the senior members.  The senior members must learn to be like junior members in there curiosity and innocence for life.  Every week when we gather going forward we will conduct this exercise and in time we will learn to work together.  Still reluctant and dismissive of my demands.  I sit back down in the center. The two tables are now one large circular table.   As I sit the table becomes a pure white being.  I begin talking with The Table Entity.  We are as old friends so happy to be reunited.  I decide to take a picture of us to send it to the members.  The members are now calling me on the phone wanting to join the congregation.  I can see them in the balconies having done a 180 in their attitude.  They in return show me their painted faces and celebration outfits.  Everyone is dressed up beautifully like the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


Curiously as I was journalling the dream not knowing where it was going or how it would unfold one of the things that struck me was the focal point of The Table(s).  I attend a church called the Table Church.  I really liked the way it became an entity unto itself.   I assume this entity is what I was seeking to find and reconcile with.  I also thought it humorous that those things that keep the table separate and in conflict turned out to the the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences.  I also love the ending where we could come together and poke fun at ourselves be happy festive and reunited as one Table Entity.  Is this the way God would want it?  I think so.

Diaper Duty Delivery

August 28, 2018

In last night’s dream I am in my vehicle sitting in the back seat.  I have a sense of waking up yet I am waking up in the dream.  I realize where I am “in my car”.  I then realize I have a baby with me.  Beside me in an infant car seat is my baby who has been delivered to me.  I must have fallen asleep during the delivery.  I examine him and fix his hoodie so I can see his mouth and chin better.  Is he hungry?  Should I change him?  I better change his diapers.  I proceed to change his diaper but first with a sense of tremendous joy,  I give him a big hug and kiss.  I can smell his baby scent.  I am so happy.  It occurs to me that his diaper doesn’t smell like poop.

Mom Mom Mom

August 27, 2018

I had a dream last night where I am with my friend and surro mom Ivy.  She tells me she needs to take a break as an emergency has surfaced that she needs to attend to.  She tells me that I will be serviced by one of her other moms.  Apparently she is made up of many moms.  She is like an octomom able to split herself into many moms and multitask.  She presents me with two other mom’s who are a part of her.  She tells me I can either choose or allow the universe to choose for me.  It seems highly plausible to me to be made up of many parts all of whom can be in many places at once.  It seems so natural I don’t even doubt for a moment.  So I agree to allow one of the other Ivy’s to carry my baby.

After a while a flash of real world sense comes over me and I realize earthly people don’t split into many parts.  I wonder how will the legal agreement we have be affected by this new revelation of her many selves and more importantly what about the Grinch and my dream?  Ivy is a dream inspired surro mom.  I can’t go with anyone but Ivy.

Four Dreads


August 26, 2018

I had a dream where I am with a group of guys.  They are all partnered.  Each one has his partner with him.  I consider my own circumstances and know I don’t have a partner.  Feeling alone I look around me and notice a guy standing behind me.  How long has he been there.  It feel like he has been in my blind spot for a long time.  He is obviously my partner because he likes me and is paired with me.  Why haven’t i noticed him before?  I turn to look at him to see if I can answer the question.  I look carefully at him.  He is able to change his appearance easily.  His appearance changes and now he is wearing dreads.  His hair seems to float in space.  He turns his head back and forth gently to move fling his hair at me.  It seem to move in slow motion.  I tell him his dreads look like shoe laces.

I sense it is time for me to leave.  I don’t want anyone to know I’ve been here.  So I decide to fly out of the space instead of walking through any doors.  I begin to fly but instead of flying over the horizon I am flying straight up.

~~~~~ Dream Ends

I found it very curious that the guy changed his hairstyle while I was looking at him and why of all hairstyles he chose to fashion dreads and why he intentionally floated his dreads at me.  I have no attraction to dreads, I have nothing against them but I’m not called toward them.  I do however like unkempt messy hair which dreads might fall into that category.

As a word dreads is one letter off from dreams so I looked at the neurological values and both D and M share the same value of 4. The word dreams or dreads has a value of 6.


The Ruler  –  Saturn

4 is the number of Foundation  –  the four winds, the four seasons, the four astrological elements.

4’s are solid, ‘four-square’ reliable, practical, plodding, home-loving, succeed through diligence and perseverance.


Positive Characteristics:

Number 4s are hard-working, loyal and ambitious and have a great deal of common sense and a practical approach to life. Number 4 Destiny/Life Path people are careful and unlikely to make a decision without giving the matter a great deal of thought. Once number 4s have reached a decision they will be determined on their decided course of action and will follow through.

Other people depend upon number 4’s ability to cope with life’s ups and downs and are drawn to the stability of number 4 Destiny people as they are reliable friends and do not change their opinions easily.

Number 4 Destiny people are able to manifest on all levels and are willing and able to put preparation, proper thought, passion and purpose into all that they do in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Number 4’s often end up becoming the pillars of the community as these individuals are hard working, practical and trustworthy. The 4 Destiny person is practical, loyal, security-conscious and business-minded.

You have the potential for great success if you overcome your insecurities  –  that is your challenge.

A Return To The Hall Of Records

August 24, 2018

In last night’s dream I find myself in the Hall of Records.  This place is where people come to learn about events.  It’s a happy place much like an amusement part. People are eating, socializing and celebrating.  People take joy in knowing truth.  I’m a bit intimidated because there is so much here and I know I may stumble on information that is privileged or under seal.  I initially walk through just to take note of what all is available for review.  There are various rooms with different themes.  You can learn a lot just by being aware of the items and the names of the articles.  Once at the end I ask if I can return for  a closer look at some of the items I found of particular interest to me.  I would really like to sit in silence and take in the information.  Too learn more about the generations who came before me.

People are now gathering with me.  Although they didn’t come with me I feel they are here to surreptitiously know more about me.  There is also a sense of celebration.   They seem to not be forthcoming with information but instead wanting me to discover my truth.   My confidence increasing and my shyness diminishing.  I feel welcome to gather here with them.  I don’t want to leave.

I notice a wet spot on the floor.  Oh no Butters pee’d.  I instantly wake up needing to pee.  Happy to Butters didn’t actually pee.  I rush to the bathroom to do my business and returned to bed.

On Board Smile


August 22, 2018

In last nights dream I am waiting in turnstile lines preparing to board a ship. I and a few others are taking our bikes along for the ride.  The group in the turnstile next to me have a 3 passenger bike.  I remember leaving something behind.  Since I’m traveling alone I ask someone in a neighboring line to watch my bike and my space in line.

The the moments before waking up, I recall asking the dream to answer my questions.  I told the dream I didn’t want to wake up before knowing what to do.  I remained in the dream state when a woman appeared.  She looked up at me and gave me a huge smile.  I looked at her for a moment thinking a smile isn’t telling me what I want to know.  I examined her facial features and recognized her facial expressions on someone I’ve seen before.  I wondered who she might be and what she might be trying to tell me.

Alien Fish Fry

August 21, 2018

Cousins have arrived for an event.  Two of my cousins are already here.  I can hear Jeanette’s voice in the distance.  I am trying to figure out if her voice is coming from in front of me or behind me.  I want to know who arrived first.  I look behind me down a long corridor in the direction of her voice.  She turns the corner and is excited to see me.  She shows me all the fish she brought for us to cook for the party.  She takes me to her truck where in the bed she has it packed with fish and ice.

In the second half of the dream, Aliens are attacking the city.  I can see billowing clouds out the basement windows.  Bombs are going off.  I can see small fires developing.  We are in a good space to take cover because the shrubs outside camouflage our location.  Someone brings me an envelope with money I had left laying around.  I think to myself it probably won’t be of any use to me since the aliens have invaded.

With Honor

August 20, 2018

Last night I had a dream where I am preparing to be married.  There are a number of people around my bed.  I am told I can see my soon to be partner who is a woman.  She stands at the foot of my bed.  They convince me this is my destiny and I am guaranteed protection.  Surprisingly I’m convinced.   I ask how I am to identify my “wife” in the future?  See they are all etheric beings and therefore transparent to me so I’m afraid my “wife” would be hidden from me so I ask If I can place a tattoo on her neck. 

Something jars me awake.  Where’s my protection, I think to myself?  For about 2 seconds as I opened my eyes to find beside my bed was standing a female honor guard.  Her hair is burgundy in color.  She stands at attention guarding over my sleep.