Nuns From The Window

Armand Gautier – Three Nuns in the Portal of a Church

July 11, 2020

This dream I had a few days ago on about July 8th, 2020. I was so taken back by its realness I just knew I had to journal it. I awaken to the sound of people outside my bedroom window. I realize I am having a false awakening. Curious to know who is at the window I approach rolling over in bed to lean my head out to peer through the window. Two arms reach in to grab me like you would a baby from bed. I am pulled into their world. I am completely taken back as their action and influence on my dream is totally unexpected.

Now on the other side of the window, I can see who is responsible for the sound. The clarity in the room is more real than any waking experience. The lighting is dim but not so dim I can’t see. There is a candle burning in the room which shines just enough light for me to see three nuns in white and black habits. I exclaim to myself, “This is unbelievably real!”

The nuns seem to be attending to my well being. They cloth, dress and brush my hair to prepare me for my return. When ready they return me through the window.


I then found myself back in my bed awake thinking this is too incredible. It couldn’t have been just a dream. There is someone a group of people watching over me. This had too much intention to be simply a dream.

Now today, I had a dream with a similar theme. I am in my car looking for parking and just something to do. I find a parking space and notice we are near the Udvar Hazy Museum. I can see the various space shuttles on display one in particular is blue. They are on display on a mountain side near the base of the parking lot.

Still seated in my car I am trying to figure out if it is legal to park here. I notice a man approach my car window. I open the window and ask if it is ok to park here as we would like to visit the museum. The man who happens to be a priest replies, “Oh you must be from DC.” He then suggests I park a bit closer so that I have less to walk on foot. Looking toward the back of the car he draws my attention to my parents who are seated in the rear seat. Knowing they are elderly I agree to his recommendation and move the car closer. Upon getting out of the car I pull Oliver out of the infant seat from the back of the car. Upon holding him in my arms I am overwhelmed with love toward my son. I am so utterly grateful to have him I feel I need to thank the priest for what I have been given. He responds as if knowing my sentiment without a word from my lips and says. “I’m headed to Union Station, maybe you can give me a ride home?”

Feeling it is an odd request I hesitate for a moment but figure I do live in DC so Union Station would be a favor I could easily fulfill on my return.

Oliver’s Seagulls

In the dream I see my son Oliver who is running and playing on the beach. On his back are tethered to him a flock of seagulls.

This dream happened a few days ago and I didn’t have time journal it even though it was so short I knew it answered a very profound question. One that relates to the embryos I’m donating. I can’t help but feel what if one of the embryo’s I’m donating was meant to be with me. I obviously can’t keep and bring to birth all of them but if there was a way to have at least one more which would it be? A second question is whether Oliver was the right one and only one for me. I mean I chose a boy over a girl. He was the best scored embryo of the bunch. Should I have chosen the runt being that I like helping the underdog. Butters was the runt in the pack. Seeing Oliver in the dream with the seagulls I feel answered both questions. Oliver is on land with me happy and content. The others who flown in on his back were meant to be set free to fly like seagulls.

White Chocolate Dove

This dream requires a bit of background. It seems this dream is trying to answer an overarching question. One I maybe submitted a long time ago but wasn’t ready to receive until now. The question is one where I wonder who had my phone number previous to me. I muse about ever meeting this person or knowing anything about him or her. That aside the dream unfolds like this:

I am trying to get to a department store. I am looking to purchase some men’s clothing. To get to the department store I need to scale a tall wall. Luckily the wall is covered in carpeting giving me something to grab on to clawing my way to the top. There are two men scaling the wall close behind me. I’m the first one at the top. From this vantage point I am able to see into the store. I notice they are redesigning the men’s department. They brought in new upscale furniture and lounge chairs. They are no longer selling men’s clothing but instead are selling tiny international flags with tiny chocolates that correspond to the flag of that country much like Godiva, Ghiradelli or Lindt. I’m upset as it seems senseless and without utility to have such a thing given both the flags and chocolates are so tiny.

In my agitated dissatisfaction, I accidentally tip over a ceramic white dove which sits next to me on the wall. The dove falls into a deep crack in the wall. All you hear when it reaches the bottom is the shattering of the dove. There is a sense of momentary loss for the death of the dove. Plus what they have here is simply useless even though I do acknowledge I’ve not yet tasted the chocolates. I think to myself these chocolates better be awfully good to justify their size.

Now the dove returns as a white plane a glider of sorts but the new designers have decided to clip the wings of the glider. Again I’m angered they have decided to limit the utility of the glider. I think it is such a waste. The dove to be free to soar.

I decide to leave but notice I am carrying a scarf. I look around for a sales attendant to give them the scarf to return to the shelf. The attendant takes it and quickly puts it down. Again I’m angered they place so little care in the scarf. I think they are disrespectful of what came before them. The scarf must be from the old inventory of the department store for them to simply disregard it.

Now I continue toward the door and notice they are having a raffle to promote the new store design. Raffle tickets are at every counter. My cell phone rings with a person announcing I have won the raffle. I look at the winning raffle ticket which is on microfiche since it is a very old ticket. The microfiche clearly shows my cell phone number. I suddenly understand. This dream has a purpose to answer the overarching question I had posed long ago. I now have this persons cell phone number. This person who entered the raffle centuries ago. This raffle ticket has the original registrant information.

I continue toward the door to exit and outside it is pouring down rain. I forgot to bring my umbrella.

Muddy Feet

In this dream I am with two other friends we traveled here together. I seem to have become separated from the others. It feels like I came here with them and don’t have a way to get back on my own yet I’m not worried about finding them. I stumble by a barn door which is partially open. I look inside and notice a fair amount of wet mud at the entrance. Inside are many people doing gymnastics. They tie their wrists to a vine and get on top of each others shoulders much like a pyramid. They are stacked about 10 people high. Once you reach the top you either fall down or are taken by the vine to the top of a mountain.

I am called to participate but I don’t want to get my feet all muddy. The vine wraps around my wrists as an invitation to ascend the mountain. I immediately unwrap the vine and decide not to go. I see many who are falling down before reaching the top. When they fall they fall into the mud. This seems to be a game. I’m told by my guide I will have to do it another way and without my consent I am whisked off to the mountain top. I can smell the mud. I am flying through the air. I am unafraid even though I should be afraid since I don’t know what will happen next.

Once at the top of the mountain my guide says since I removed the vine I will be restricted from seeing the other dimensions but I can use my phone which is coded for my purpose. I look at my phone and notice the phone is programmed in a language I do not understand. I feel reassured if it is meant for me I will be able to figure it out at the appropriate time.

I’ve been gone from my friends for a long time but I don’t seem to be worried about finding them. Like a child who wonders off who is sure his parents will keep a watchful eye on them so they don’t stray off too far.

Wedding Castle

February 11, 2020

Last night’s dream was very cool. I am somewhere inside a castle. There is a female friend who has the potential to be more than a friend. I think we are evaluating each other as potential partners. I feel like when I was in grade school and you have a crush on someone and you’re not quite sure if the other person is going to be responsive or not. I think she wants to first gauge what powers I possess before committing to be with me. In this realm everyone has unique powers. I must demonstrate my ability. There is a slight reservation within me as I know I have the power but I also don’t want to have to demonstrate myself. There is also a question as to whether the dream will respond to my call.

As the dream goes on, I find myself in increasingly tighter and smaller spaces. It appears I have no choice but to take over and claim my power. I decide to go for the greatest power of all to claim the dream as my own. Since I am deep with a castle I am going to have to become the castle itself. It is a heavy feat to undertake given the size of the castle. I summon all my strength going deep within me to become one with the castle. I decide to command the iron core which includes everything made of iron within the castle. This includes all the cogs which make the castle change and respond to my requests. The cogs of change begin to turn. I can feel the walls loosening up and move in response to my call. I am in the head or tower of the castle. I can see out the windows. The castle is moving in space and I direct it to a place where I position it.

After it touches down into position I now find myself outside on the steps of the castle. I can see the castle is very ornate. It was made in the moment. The castle is so ornate it reminds me of a wedding dress. I think I have impressed her.

Pieces of the Puzzle

February 5, 2020

Last night’s dream had to have been one of the most colorful and playful dreams I’ve ever had. I know I’ve probably said that before and in their own right all the dreams that have claimed that title have been absolutely wonderful but this one is on my mind now and for it being recent it has my focus and awe. In this dream, I am witnessing my life moving through all the many rooms and scenic landscapes which piece together the visages of my life.

As I look carefully at the detail with which the dream has rendered it in my mind I notice it is held together like puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece perfectly laid and locked in place. Nowhere is there a puzzle piece out of place. The pieces go on forever. Everything everywhere is held together. As I float through the dream experiencing it I am reminded Candyland. Everything is cartoon like in its simplicity, innocence and creativity. Its a peaceful place. I hear a narrator who begins to tell the story. It is such a wonderful story. I think this is what inspires artists to write songs and sing. I wish I had my voice recorder handy to capture the words of the narrator. Not wanting to disturb the dream, I focus in on his words trying to commit it all to memory.

As the story comes to a climax, each puzzle piece becomes a tiny person with a light body much like a firefly. All pieces take flight at once. There is an overwhelming sense of joy and freedom. The feeling overcomes me causing me to focus in on my body. Who am I in this dream? What body do I have now? I look at myself to find I too am a firefly with a light body.

Are You Afraid of Me?

How to spoon | BosGuy

Last night as I was falling asleep I had a pre-dream where I knew I was in my bed trying to fall asleep. I felt my partner slip into bed with me and come in from behind to cuddle me. I loosened my arms to accept his embrace and settle back into the comfort of his chest. I feel his breath against my neck. After a moment, I he whispers in my ear, “Are you afraid of me?” With his words, I thought why would I be afraid of you? His words jar my awareness enough to question my present situation. I assumed he was Joe my ex partner but if he was Joe then this had to be a dream because Joe and I are no longer together. Still feeling his presence behind me I answered, “Who are you?” I snuggle his arm around my belly pulling him in closer. He then taps my forehead 3 times as if to tell me to wake up.

His tap on my head startled me. It was something I felt physically and was completely unexpected because my focus was on his chest and arm. I immediately thought, how did he do that? I knew at this point his embrace wasn’t physical but instead part of the dream. I took caution to try to remain in the dream, but unfortunately i came too. I then realized it was my my own fingers which I had on my head that provided the physical sense of tapping my head. I think he hit my funny bone which made my fingers twitch causing the taps.

Now awake I turned and to see my son Oliver quietly sleeping beside me. He was looking in my direction.


This dream left me very startled because it crossed over into the physical. Even though it was my own hand tapping me the timing was not accidental. It signaled to me this was important but what could it possibly mean. Maybe this hold the key to possibly finding love again. Maybe its telling me I already have the love of my life and purpose for living my son who lays beside me. Maybe it is a question I need to seriously consider and who was this who settled into my bed.

Are you afraid of me?

Who are you?

Pegasus 2041

I had a very impressionable dream last night. In the dream I am told the O Street Mansion is going out of business. I’m sad to hear about the decision and ask why they have taken this decision. I’m told to look around to see if I can figure it out. After a few moments the woman who is guiding me says, “It’s haunted, look carefully at the kitchen.” In the kitchen I see a water leak in the kitchen above the sink. The water seems to be coming from a mysterious point of origin as if from another dimension with no point of origin in this dimension.

Something in me knows I have the power to fix the situation. I feel an intimate connection to this place. It seem to call to my name. I tell my guide I wish I could take over the business. She tells me I can but I must decide by midnight tonight. I express my doubts considering the enormous cost to conduct the business. She then tells me the business pretty much pays for itself all I have to do is claim it for myself. She tells me to consider it and decide within the time window allowed.

Still not convinced I can do it I decide to walk through the mansion. I seem to know the place well. It is very familiar to me. There used to be a stage where performances were conducted. I recall working here at one point in time. I also recall the ceiling chandelier was a Pegasus. My desire to see the Pegasus again causes me to take flight ascending high toward the ceiling where the Pegasus is located. I reach the Pegasus and examine as my recall expands. The Pegasus has a label. It appears to be a business card with the name of the business and the date 2041. At this point I become lucid knowing this is an important dream to bring back to my waking life.

Now fully lucid, I want to know more. I recall when I worked here the owner lived in the upper floor of the mansion where the ghosts also resided. She had the power to command the ghosts and keep them in line. With this knowledge my awareness expands. I now find myself in the top floor of the house. The owners quarters. I know only I have the means to solve this mystery. I then see my mothers purse. It is the purse I kept as a reminder of my mom after she passed away. I search through her purse and thumb through her billfold. There are several certificates. Oliver’s birth certificate is here along with the deed to the title of the mansion.

“I accept, I accept and I expect to get the parking space.”

~~~~~~~ DREAM ENDS

After saying I accept in the dream, I immediately woke up. It was such an important dream I felt I had to record it. Initially I thought the dream was telling me how long I would live, ie till the year 2041 when I too would leave a purse behind. Why else would that year be so important.

Today I received word my aunt and godmother passed away. She was my mom’s sister. I’m sure the dream was indicating her passing as well.

In Two Places at Once

In this dream I find myself at my mom’s walkway toward her house. I can see her front door and her neighbors door which is immediately adjacent to her door much like a mirrored image. I see a woman turn the corner and open the door. She is wearing my moms pink blouse. I quickly move to follow her into her unit. As I approach I realize I am seeing double. There is a duplicate woman entering simultaneously into the adjacent door. I am confronted with a dilemma which of the two should I follow?

I decide I can’t afford to loose sight of her since I believe it is my mom. I split my consciousness and enter both doors at once. Once inside the apartments I realize the apartment is connected inside to the other half. Although I don’t see my mom anymore I know I am in her home. The right home. I have a sense of peace. I sit on the couch relieved to be home. As I sit there content I fall into a dream.

I am now having a dream within a dream. In the dream I recreate the steps taken to have my son. My loins fill with a sexual feeling of ecstasy. I understand how my consciousness split to create Oliver. I feel like I am hyperventilating with an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. I when I come to from the inner dream I see my son’s face. His eyes pierce my soul and I awaken from the dream.


November 25, 2019

In last night’s dream I am with my son. He is an infant in real life but here in the dream he is a bit older like around the 12 month mark. He looks at me and says, “Daddy.” I am shocked because he has not spoken any words yet so for me to hear the first word out of his mouth as Daddy is very touching to me. It is at this point I realize he looks different. His hair is golden and he has strands of hair partially cover his face.