Dreaming for World Peace

World PeaceI had another one of my visitation dreams early this morning so I know my meditations are working. I meditated for world peace as I laid in bed before falling asleep last night. In the dream, I see a black woman in spirit who is very beautiful with thick black curly hair with very large and supple lips. I know she has to be an angel even though she represents the shadow self. There is a somber sense of quiet peace about her.In the dream she was passing by my bed as I slept at night (I guess you could call this a false dream). I knew she represented the shadow aspect of humanity that is now coming up to the surface to be given the light of day. I was determined to change and resolve conflict and bring peace into the world. So I swung my paralyzed dream arm as hard as I possibly could to grab her and bring her back with me.

I woke up from out of the dream in that instant as my limp arm went flying in front of me. With my eyes now open, above my head was her hypnopompic image as she looked down at me in surprise. I immediately felt the need to apologize for swinging my arm at her. I saw from about the area of her right shoulder appeared a red laser beam of light like the ones they use to lock on to a military target. I knew I had locked on to my intention for world peace. Her image hovered over me for about 2 minutes while my eyes remained open before she and the red beam of light vanished into daybreak. The veil of separation is slowly losing its grip. Soon I know it will be phenomena that will be commonly accepted.

Day Two: 7 Requests for Reviews

Day Two; 7 Requests for Reviews

The Emanuel for Love press release through PRWeb went out yesterday.  I Google’d myself and was surprised to see all the places where my news release is being picked up.  Wow, how’s that for popularity overnight?  Even my blog, “Living the Dream” is being picked up.  Apparently, if you want to say something, say it in a blog.  


Here is this self published author struggling to get his divinely inspired message out to the masses.  How does one cry, “bleeding heart” in a crowd this size?  It still seems like insurmountable odds.  If this message really is divine in its origin, how would God use me to get his message across?  Sometimes I can’t see it.  One thing is for certain, the heavens can see farther on a stormy day than I could ever see on a clear day.  I know God will part the sea because this message must be heard.


I was overwhelmed by the amount of work not to mention expense that is involved in publishing a book. For those illusive reviews…the universe sent help. Bostick Communications crossed my path yesterday.  I immediately grabbed hold of the life raft and signed on to their distribution service without even giving it a second.  The universe said jump and I did.  They offer a Religion Press Distribution package to deliver your press release to the religion editors at the major media markets with follow up phone calls to key editors.  It was exactly what I needed.  I’ve had 7 requests so far for review copies of my book. That makes 8 so far including the Clarion Review.



I had another one of those visitation dreams this morning….

Day ONE; The Press Release

Today is Day ONE.

Numerologically, September 10th, 2007 is equal to 9+10=2007 = 2026 which in turn in equal to 2+0+2+6 = 10 which is equal to 1+0 = 1.   For me, this day has great significance.  It comes with the promise of a new beginning.  A day where peace can be allowed to flourish.  Let it be the day we erase terrorism from our minds.  It is the dawning of a new age.  It is the Age of Aquarius.  Give this day special significance for you.  Meditate on Peace today.  Make it the begining of something new for you also.  Share this with your friends.  Together we can all make a difference. 

For me today is also special in another way.  I also timed my book’s official press release to coincide with this day.  I wanted to share the link with you all.  To see and read a copy of the click on press release.  

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

This past Sunday I went to the
Maryland Renaissance Festival
in Annapolis,MD with my friend Chad.

We spent a good part of the day there. 
We had a lot of fun.  It was amazing to see all
the people who
were really getting into the spirit of the festival. 
There were so many people there many in costumes. 
There were games for the kids and everyone seemed to be having a great
time.  I could have spent a

small fortune there with

all the wonderful things for
sale.  It amazes me the quality with which some

of these artisans work.  I wish I co
have been so artistically inclined.  I’ll
definitely plan on going in future years.  It
was 10 times bigger than the
Maryland Faerie Festival
and 100 times bigger than the

Greenbelt Greenman Festival both of which I went to this year.
 I’ve been trying to get out and do things I
wouldn’t normally find myself doing.  It’s a
lot of work living out of character but it is what I need to do to stay
connected.  At some point,

maybe it will become second
nature.  In the meantime it is work.

The Illusive Book Review

I thought the hard part would be writing the book.  Now I’m faced with the illusive book review.  Yeah apparently you have to get people to review your book.  Not just anyone will do.  They must be credible book reviewers.  So now my job is to beat the pavement and send out queries to prospective reviewers asking them to review my book.  Once they agree to review your book you need to send them a free copy.  Well I tend to be a bit impatient at certain times so I’ll hire it done.  Yeah I forked out $305 to have a professional book review done of my book.  I retained Clarion to review my book. Here is where we’ll see the objective truth.  All my money guarantees is a fair and honest evaluation of my book.  God willing it will come back glowing.  I think a glowing review in my favor whether I paid for it or not will make it easier to get other free reviews.  I paid the $305 dollars and sent them a copy of the book.  I’m told it takes 6 to 8 weeks to turn around the review.  Stay tuned and mark your calendar.  Will I be glowing or will I be frowning.

It’s a Boy and We Named Him Steven

August 31, 2007

I had a dream where I am told that my best friend Dinah has given birth to a son and that I am the father.I feel like I have amnesia because I can’t ever remember having sexual relations with Dinah but they tell me that it is true.He is my son and Dinah has named him Steven. What I do remember is how much I love and care for Dinah.I feel that even though I can’t remember when it happened, it is totally possible.I am so happy.To have a son is something I have always dreamed of having, especially a child of my own flesh and blood.I am handed the boy wrapped tightly in a blanket.His little face looks up to me and he is just so beautiful to behold.I kiss his little lips so tenderly and repeatedly.I finally have a son of my own.I want to take him home with me.I begin to think of the life we will have together and the many things I will teach my son.As I get ready to leave my memory returns and I recall that Dinah is married and has a husband and a family of her own.This is a dream.I pause in my step and turn around. With a heavy heart, I return the child but before I hand him over I think I could possibly make a different choice at this moment and change the course of events and change the past.I’m aware of the power I possess within the dream to change history but I simply cannot take a son at the expense of my friendship with Dinah.For but a brief moment, I had a son.

As I journaled this dream just now I found it odd that my dream would choose the name Steven as the birth name of my son.  I don’t have anyone in my family or circle of friends named Steven.  Is there any significance in the name Steven?  As I’m in the habit of doing, I looked up the name in my trusted Wikipedia where I found the following:

Stephen or Steven (generally pronounced IPA [ˈstivn̩]) is an English masculine first name, derived through the Latin form Stephanus from the Greek Στέφανος (Stephanos), which means “crown” or “wreath.”

I’ve been chatting with my friend David Kahn who’s recently been dreaming babies.  He like me recently authored a book.  This creation we’ve each placed forth in the pages of a book is not unlike giving birth to a child.  Our books now have a life all unto there own.  What an honor it is to have the dream confirm the crown upon my book, my child.  These things amaze me when the riddles are solved and you the dreamer had no conscious input to formulate the outcome.  There was no mistake made in the name bestowed on my child by the dream.  It was not random.  It has purpose.  It has meaning.  It is the raw material upon which life itself is lived.


A Life lived off the Cuff

Off the CuffThanksgiving 2005 was the day my life would change forever. I dropped dead and somehow was allowed to return because I had yet to fulfill my true calling. I saw the life drain from my eyes as the lights were turned off in my head. I saw the light in the tunnel where I was met by others who showed me what I had done with my life. On the gurney was a withered hand and forearm, a symbol of that part of me that I had not yet extended to humanity. My book, my life and these websites are an attempt now to offer a loving hand. It has become my calling. There is no other reason for my living than to fulfill what had yet to be fulfilled.

I sometimes feel stuck. Not knowing the right answers or the next right move. I’m told in deep meditation, “You already know the way. You have done this before.” There is a place within me that does have the answers. It is a place within us all where we share in the light of our True Self. The answers received are not however the instructional answers we are used to receiving like a recipe with measured amounts. Life is meant to be lived in the moment and off the cuff.

A Land that Time Forgot

OK here is a dream that was so profound in that it was like no other dream I have ever had before.  I love it when you experience something new.  I was fully lucid but not in the normal sense.  I’ve shared before that often I have entered a dream state while fully awake but normally it happens after having actually woken up as I remain in bed or as I’m falling asleep and usually connected to meditation.  In this dream, I woke up within the dream to become 100% aware of everything around me.  I believe this happened as a result of setting my cell phone to beep as a subliminal queue for me to meditate while I’m dreaming.  When I first woke up in the dream I was caught off guard.  I immediately looked around and thought what the hell is going on here.  Where the f@%$ am I?  I knew everything about myself I simply had not yet opened my yes.  I’m sure I was still within sleep paralysis.  I was fearless.  I quickly figured out that I was dreaming.  What amazed me was all that was going on around me and the level of detail with which it was playing itself out.  Someone had gone through an awful lot of work to meticulously set this virtual stage up. I was also fully encapsulated within my dream body.  I was my dream. 


I see dinosaurs roaming the land.  This is the Land that Time Forgot.  Cut off by an alien reptilian race of people who have infiltrated the land.  I quickly became aware that help is on the way.  They are trying to get a message passed to me by way of a child that is about to be born to a woman with 3 heads. Her belly was concealed under a heavy blouse which extends toward me.  My consciousness splits and I become aware of my bed in which my physical body is laying.  I lift my covers and see that my covers are her blouse.  In other words, when I lift my covers I’m lifting her blouse.  I’m aware of both dimensions.  She is going into labor.  They signal to me that I must receive the child and care for it.  The child is somehow the savior, the help they have sent.  It must pass unnoticed by the Reptilians.  I’m thinking I don’t know the first thing about child birth.  I can see that she is going into labor.  The reptilians come to ask what all is going on with her.  She pushes her belly to the side and out pops the child under my sheets.  I’m happy that now I will have a child of my own.  (Something I’ve always wanted but have not had the good fortune of having.) But wait the child is a Reptilian. I have to make him cry or something.  I look over at one of the woman’s 3 heads…it is her third head which turns to look at me. She snarls with the mouth of a reptilian creature.  Have they tricked me? 

The love of a mother kicks in and compassion for the reptilian child fills my heart.  This child, reptilian as he may be, needs my love for it to survive.  It bites my finger and I think to myself…I’m going to have to tame this reptile to make him docile and friendly. My consciousness returns to a state of single focus within the dream.  I know whatever is happening here there is a message that I need not tamper with.  So I simply follow along with the dream.  I take the reptilian child home with me and put him on a leash on my balcony.  Over time he becomes docile and changes color from his birth color of a purple brown to a vivid green like an iguana.  He is very cute and friendly now yet somewhat mischievous.  I think I may be able to someday send him out among the Reptilian race and have him serve under cover for the alliance, kind of like Warf in Star Trek. 

The scene then changes and I am being told via symbols that the Reptilians are the same alien race that brought down the planes on 911.  I’m re-living the scenes where people are falling from the sky with plane debris below me.  As I’m now falling to my death I decide to change the dream scene and stretch out my wings to fly.  I immediately take flight with incredibly powerful wings.  I fly by the others who are in panic descending to their death and I signal to them to tell them just do as I’m doing and stretch out your wings.  You all have the gift of flight.  In the end the Reptilians become more human like and we become more Reptilian.  A balance is struck between both sides and out of the mouth of my little green iguana pops out a white baby dinosaur bird with feathers.  My little iguana then tries to bite the tail of the baby bird but I quickly grab the bird.  Once again and feel compassion now for my new little addition to my family.  I’m now the mother of a dinosaur bird.

Dream: How Do I Achieve Enlightenment?

NebulaI find myself with a group of people.  I’m looking for my loved one, my partner, my soul mate, my twin flame.  I see a guy standing in a movie theatre and I run up to him.  The house lights in the theatre are still on.  I put my arms around him knowing he is the one.  He does not resist me but he also does not move to embrace me.  He says, “You think you found your soul mate?”  I reply, “I know I did.”  I dig my nose into the side of his neck where it meets the front of his chest.  I can smell his essence.  I can see his golden brown bearded face and I know I am home.  He then say’s, “Yea, but do you remember what you did?”  He wasn’t asking me this in judgment, he wanted to know if I was still standing in judgment of myself but at the time he asked I did not know why he was asking me.  I failed the response by answering with a defense.  A little trickster guy beside me lifted me up off my feet and pushed my foot so as to nudge the person seated in front of me.  I did not want to do wrong against another so I moved to prevent him from entrapping me.  I quickly returned to the tight embrace in which I held my loved one so as to not allow him to leave my sight.  I immediately went into a state of bliss. 

When I came out he said to me, “What if this is not my true form?”   He then transformed himself into other forms many bearing the faces of many other humans.  I questioned myself, did I have prejudices or could I truly receive him in whatever form he appeared?  He finally assumed the form of a green alien creature.  He was friendly in appearance but nonetheless alien to me. He was now standing about 10 feet away under a shadowy overhang.  He then said, “Would you embrace me now?” to which I replied, “Yes.”  I knew I had to remain with an open heart. I then moved to wrap my arms around him.  I once again immediately fell into a state of utter bliss. 

When I reemerged I had a false awakening.  I quickly recognized this was not my 3rd dimensional reality so I quickly moved my spirit from the dream body to trigger an out of body experience.  I floated out of my body and ascended into the heavens.  I wondered if I had died.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  Luminous nebulous clouds were everywhere.  Angels and fairies were perched within the clouds radiating all the many colors of the rainbow.  My spirit then took form.  I was the ugliest form in the heavens but I did not care.  I was simply happy to be there.  I then walked around this realm observing what it felt like to be housed in this new body.  It was awkward.  A group of angels approached me and asked if I was OK.  I said, “Yes,” with a smile as I looked down upon my swollen hairy arms.  There was grace to be found in heaven and I soon shed my ugliness. 

I then was swept away and found myself in a blue room void of anything.  I had been here before.  I was fully lucid and conscious of every detail about who I was.  I knew this was my chance to ask a question directly of God. From out of nowhere I heard my voice say, “I want to see my son.”  Where did that come from I thought?  What a question.  If I had a son, I would certainly want to see him but I don’t have one.  Yet from somewhere I felt in my heart the love of my son.  I wanted to know my son.  Where was this love coming from?  I began so see before me a hand reach out to pick me up.  Before I lost my lucid opportunity, I quickly asked the question, “Tell me how to achieve enlightenment.”

I was carried off by the hand of God and my spirit was placed in a great elephant. I was given a master who loved me and whom I loved and faithfully served.  I relived all the years of his life.  There were times of great joy when my feet never touched the ground.   As I neared the end of my years it came a time when my body could no longer sustain me.  My master knew this and one day administered a lethal dose of poison so that my spirit may be freed.  As the poison took hold I cringed in pain.  I then saw from the back of his neck emerge my spirit once again free.

Launch of My New Blog

Welcome to WordPress. I’ve maintained a blog on Livejournal a shared site for over a year now where I have posted my dreams.  I’ve felt constrained by limitations of a shared space where I was not in control of the inner workings of the system that was hosting my blog.  With the rollout of my group of websites  namely:

I thought it good to migrate my old blog to this new space which mapping the DOT COM address to where I am now in full control of the blog, its features and all the inner workings.  I am free to do anything here.  I’m not yet sure how much of the old blog I will migrate over as much of the material posted in the old blog I used in my book so I need to be selective of what I bring over.  Nevertheless, I have a new home.