Sense of the Moon Ship Mother

May 22, 2019

Last night’s dream was very unique and extremely vivid. In the dream, I am with family and friends when I notice something in the sky. The moon is much larger than normal. Seeing this as a very important moment in time, I pause everything I am doing and instruct those around me to pay close attention to the details of the moon so I can preserve a record to take back with me when I awake. I am obviously lucid in the dream. I focus all my intention on the moon whose clarity is like looking at something through a microscope. I can see details I have never seen before. I remember thinking to myself, this is not a moon but a circular space ship.

The moon ship passes slowly over my head. I then see another object in the sky as it come closer into focus I can tell it is my moms cell phone. What is her cell phone doing in the sky? I instruct everyone to take notes for later.

Later we are comparing notes. In comparing our notes we have insight into what is going on. There is a demon who is influencing this period of my life. But what we discover is the demon is simply part of the process as is night to day. They are cycles that happen in life and now is the dark night. We have good times and we have bad. Wanting to understand more about what motivations this dark energy, I follow the demon in an effort to confront it. I am determined to pursue it and collect all the information so there is nothing hidden from me. In pursuing it I come across clues along the path. There is so much information here it is taking me a long time to process all the information.

For a brief moment, I am distracted with all the data analysis and notice my mom walking by. The whole picture and understanding on how things are connected is starting to make sense to me. I am now confronted with a choice. I have to decide whether to continue trying to solve the mystery or if I want to catch up with my mom to see her again. I decide nothing is more important than reaching my mom. I just have to trust I will retain what I need to retain so I put down all the information I have gathered and call out to my mom who is walking up a flight of stairs in an outdoor walkway which lead to the top of a hill. The street is narrow with buildings on both sides and plants and grasses along the walk. The hill has a steep pitch but she is doing what she can to take each step one at a time. Although I am calling out to her my voice is simply not loud enough to carry and she does not hear me. I call and call but nothing. I worry once she reaches the top of the hill and is past my line of sight I will miss her altogether.


I never really catch up to my mom and I wasn’t able to bring back the mystery. The only thing which was very clear in my mind was that it all made perfect sense even with the presence of the demon. It seemed to make sense.

You Can Have The Piggy Bank

Last nights dream was very emotional. In the dream I am at an MKP type of event where we have been asked to participate in a ceremony. I am so not having it. I tell them I don’t want to be part of the group anymore and to count me out. I list out the many ways I am in disagreement with the things they do. What I didn’t realize is my essence is intrinsically tied to the the group. So when it comes time for me them to go on stage to perform I am there with them in the background showing my discontent. The whole thing becomes part of the storyline. In essence they got me to play my role in true form.

After it is all said and done the work needed to get me to the other side doesn’t seem excessive. There is a woman from the Good Will Store who is collecting donations. I see her and immediately think to donate from my stash of unused things. She is collecting Toys for Tots. I walk around my place gathering items as she followsclose behind. I narrate the story of each item to her. There are stuffed animals of all kinds I gather for her cause.

I open a cabinet and find two baby blue piggy banks. They look like a pretend television set and a pretend car both around the same size. As the memory of the story related to the piggy banks streams into my consciousness, I begin to well up inside with emotion. I go into the TV set recalling the memories within it. Inside the TV set is a pink toy computer. It has distinct ridges and the appearance of a real computer with its USB connections. This pink computer was my moms toy. I break down into full tears. I can feel the connection with my mom as my hand touches the ridges of the computer.

I pause in the narration of the story behind the items to recompose myself. I tell her the biggy banks might be too large for her to carry now but she is welcome to come back for them.

I want to go see my mom. She offer me a ride to Glendale in her car where I can visit with my mom. The car we are in can fly. We stop at the gas station at Pacific and Stocker in Glendale. Her driver tells me this is as far as they can take me and I will have to walk the rest of the journey myself. Knowing my mom lives just round the corner I get out and thank them.

As I cross the street I notice storm clouds on the horizon with what looks to be heavy rain headed my way. I need to reach my moms house before the downpour comes. Without a second thought I decide to fly instead of walk. I take to the sky with no problem at all. After I am high up in the sky I can see from this vantage the magnitude of the storm headed my way and realize I have never flown in the rain. For this reason I have reservations regarding my safety.

I can see my moms house in the distance and i try to descend but the winds are kicking me up higher and higher. I am forced to come in for a landing with a very steep descent. I touch down safely at my moms house. Relieved I open my eyes.

On The Mantel, DJ Scratch

March 13, 2019

Last night’s dream was very powerful. In the dream, I am in my own house yet it feels like my house is occupied by other people who are making decisions about it. A woman is in charge of all affairs within the house which she uses as her business. She has hired me on in some capacity possibly as an administrator or representative. The woman is so powerful and magical. She commands the forces of the universe with grace. Everyone is amazed at her power. All here wonder how it is she does what she does. I am on my first few days at work just learning about the woman and her home business. She has many workers working for her and the house is huge with many rooms. They are doing construction on the house in some areas. They are excavating the basement where there is a fireplace. She is planning on removing the fireplace all together to create a more open environment. I can see where they are removing the plaster which covers the facade of the bricks 5 inches thick. Upon seeing the exposed brick, I immediately sense, this is my house and I am not approving of removing the fireplace. As they slowly remove more and more of the plaster covering the bricks it exposes the firebox which has been closed off and sealed. I have a sense they are not removing the fireplace altogether but instead restoring it to its original usable form. As the bricks and plaster that have closed off the firebox are removed, I can see into and beyond the firebox into the foundation upon which the house was built. The pillars supporting the house are enormous yet the crawl space under the house is small and claustrophobic. I am momentarily swept in under the house as if traveling through a worm hole. I become dizzy and disoriented. The rush of euphoria is incredible. I quickly return to my original thought. I wonder how much courage the workers had to work beneath the foundation of the house. The workers were working from within excavating their way toward me. It is a two way effort.

The mantel is now visible. It exposes a silver and black metal relief over the fireplace. As more and more layers are removed exposing more of the fireplace I am filled with insight about how the woman commands the forces of the universe. It is not all of her doing she simply summons the energies of her forefathers throughout the ages. Theses things within her house bear the connections. Everything in life has an energetic connection to the past.

With my awareness I too am now able to command these forces. I remember I can fly. I raise up off the ground as everything below me begins to spin. I realize I can make decisions here to affect the outcome of the the construction on my house. I have a say in what is done here. To prove this, I command the spin to pause, adjust like dialing a combination lock. With my thoughts the spin responds like a DJ would scratch on a record.

PDF: Public Displays of Friendship

How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men, by Mark Greene

January 23, 2019

Last night’s dream was very touching for several reasons.  I have been feeling very lonely lately and isolated.  Even though I have people I know around me there are far and few I can call good friends.  My heart yearns for deep connections.  In the dream I am at work.  My old boss BMo who I worked under for 20 yrs gives me and my team a project to work on.  There are many parts to this project which have to come together just right.  I have completed my tasks and am waiting on the rest to complete theirs.  My boss wants to view the outputs to the project so he can review them.  I can see my completed tasks on my phone but I am trying to figure out how I can get it from my phone to where he can see them.  I decide to print it which I do but then I realize I do not have a print driver on my cell phone.  I then try to create a PDF of the document.  It is proving very challenging to transfer the information but I manage to get the information to my boss.

A co-worker is sitting at his computer and asks if I can help him retrieve some data off a hard drive.  He has several hard drives taped together with black duck tape possibly to conceal the data.  He point to the area beneath the tape where he believes the data is stored.  We have to get the data without removing the tape.  Jokingly I ask, “Why did you secure it with duck tape? Is it your porn collection?”  He simply laughs and grabs my hand to hold it.  I sense from his touch he is wanting an excuse to have physical contact with me.  I am confused because I know him to be a straight man.

He holds my hand for an extended amount of time not wanting to release it.  We work on accessing his data.  Feeling more and more comfortable with him holding my hand I stand behind him and place my other hand on his neck.  I can feel the little hairs on the back of his neck.  My body fills with emotion and a sense of longing.  As our final act he gets up and thanks me.  As he gets up, I release my grip on his shoulder and my hand slides gently along his chest.  I can feel his heart beat and a sense of a warmth pulsating deep within.

Our team project is complete with the help of our team mates.  I can see my boss’s sense of satisfaction for a job well done.


I felt so good after waking up.  A part of me felt like God or the Universe feels my pain and wants to comfort me by giving me what I need even if it is just in a dream.  The is not to belittle the effects of the dream because they feel so real to me.  I woke up feeling cuddled and hugged.

I went on my search for a picture to go with the dream and came across this one which is so perfectly suited for the dream.  The article “How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men” so perfectly hit the nail on the head.  It is a must read and so applicable to me and my situation now since I am expecting a baby and since I will be a stay at home dad raising my little one I can take the opportunity to teach the value of touch.  It is also reassuring for me to know how much I too will receive from the experience of being a parent.

Sometimes the synchronicity of the message in the article that is perfectly suited for where I am and what I need today makes me feel like the Universe is responding directly to my need.  How wonderful is that?


A Ripple In Time

The U.S. Army – International Space Station Expedition 22 crew members take a moment for photographs

January 21, 2019

Last night’s dream I wasn’t wanting to journal it.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night from the dream and consciously deciding I don’t like this dream so I didn’t record it.  However, this morning I still remember all the details so here it is.

In the dream, I am part of a space program on the International Space Station.  However, it is much larger than the small one that orbits earth.  On the space station everyone is aware of aliens.  There are competing agendas in space but for the most part organizations seem to get along except…. the US and the Russians.  On the surface it looks like we get along because we are both from Earth but in reality there is a plot to kill someone.  They have created alliances with a malevolent alien group.  Passage between the US area and the Russian area is strictly monitored.  On this day,  we are asked to do a medical mission to the Russian side.  I am traveling with about 7 people.  The gates that allow you to cross are owned by each government.  We are in a hurry so I line up to go through the Russian gates even though I am not Russian.  Once on the other side I have a deja-vu.  I recognize this space and I know what is about to happen.  There is a plot to kill the doctor by sabotaging the train she is on.  I fear for our lives.  Once on the other side, there are many people passing through with their credentials.  The Doctor rides on the tram before me.  Something she is wearing gets caught in the mechanical parts of the train aas the car turns she is swallowed up and killed.   I am watching this not believing my eyes.  The Russians claim it is an accident.  The next car goes through I am in the car.  I believe this is the end of my life.  Something in me tells me I have to pee.  Instantly I become lucid.  As the car is moving I decide to modify the tracks.  It is after all my dream.  Where the track would have swallowed me up I create an opening in my mind through which the track may diverge.

I am wearing a primitive life vest which has little inflatable wings attached to it.  The wings seem to be more decorative than functional.  The wings remind me I can fly.  I realize this is the first time I’ve learned I can fly.  It is as if time has shifted.  I play out the first time I flew.  I am experiencing how it was to fly with the confidence of knowing I’ve always been able to fly.  I take off like a rocket.  I am flying over black waters in outer space.  One thing new is I don’t have a sense of direction.  I have managed to break free.  I wake up needing to pee.  After returning from the bathroom, I lay back down and close my eyes.  I find myself in a hallway where I am welcomed by three men.  I focus on the guy in the middle.  He has distinctively American features and is clean shaven.  I ask myself, “When will my dreams catch up with my bearded fetish.”   None the less, there is something about his look that feels welcoming.  He greets me and asks where did I take off to.  So I answer…”I had to pee.”   He then opens the door and I am returned to the scene before the Doctor went through the passage and is killed.

Now feeling relieved of my bladder I watch.  She gets in and the train begins to roll down the track.  Again she is swallowed up.  Again the Russian try to play it off as an accident but as soon as they do a ripple in the timeline is felt and she reemerges with a baby blue life vest on and the little wings similar to the ones I was wearing when I went to the bathroom.  Now the Russians are exposed for the truth.  She is saved and still lives.


I struggled to find an image to go with the dream.  Then I ran across this one with the three astronauts and it reminded me of the three men who met me when I returned from the bathroom.  The one in the middle looks very similar to the guy who was in the middle with a very welcoming look.

I’m not sure why I didn’t want to journal this.  I think it is because I don’t like violence.  I hate all  the violence in movies.

Estamos Contigo Hulk

Thor Ragnarok: Mark Ruffalo on The Hulk’s Role

Last night’s dreams were very interesting.  When I first went to bed and started falling asleep I had a short intro dream.  I wasn’t quite asleep when in front of my eyes passed a small pyramid.  It paused for about 20 seconds in front of my eyes long enough for me to examine and take note of the object.  Although it was a basic pyramid, it did have an unusual characteristic in that it’s sides were bloated and it’s points were pinched as it it was constructed with spheres.  It’s color was a creamy purple.  As it started to move passed my field of vision my spirit body sprang into action and immediately got up out of bed and followed it.

I follow the purple pyramid to a house.  I am standing outside an open window.  The house is dimly lit by a candle.  The light illuminates a picture frame hanging on a wall.  I recognize the frame as one which hung in my mom’s house.  It is a picture of my grandfather and my two uncles who are now deceased.  I attempt to focus in on the image to make sure it is the same one.  The image is somewhat obfuscated by the glass through which I must perceive it.  The faces in the image fade in an out.

A man stands in the corner of the room.  He notices me looking through the window. He hides in the corner to cover his naked body.  I ask myself could this be my mom’s house?  I instantly hear my mother and father call to me as if she were on the telephone.  She asks, “Me llamas?’ I am surprised the voice is exactly that of my mother.  It can be no other person.  I ask if she can hear me to which both my mom and my dad respond, “Claro que podemos escucharte!”  Hearing my dads voice EXACTLY as I remember it I know it is them.  I want to hear more but can not come up with a question to ask.  I want a good question but I am tongue tied.  My mom perceiving I am dumbfounded offers a few words.  She says, “Estamos muy bien y estamos contigo.”

I am jarred awake by the experience almost as if I was pushed to wake up so I would remember their words.  I recorded the details of the vision on my voice recorder and proceeded to go to the bathroom and returned to bed.  I then had the following dream.

In the dream my life has become a play.  In the play they find a vagabond man who is traveling the countryside.  This man is in tattered clothing.  He is the Hulk.  He is bewildered because when he transforms into the Hulk he can’t remember all that he does when he is in character.  When he is found along the roadside his is taken up by the cast of the play.  The play is just now forming.  Since he is disoriented he is easily swept up into the play and easily is made the main character.  Life marches on for him in the play and he experiences many life events.

There are  two showing a 7pm and a 9pm.  The 7pm is the original with the 9pm being a repeat of the first except the 2nd show has a different man as the producer.  The producer is not the same as the Hulk.  I never really meet the producer of the first showing since when I arrived on the scene I am bewildered and confused and the cast has already been assembled.  Some of the scenes from the first showing are changed slightly in the second and the Hulk who is me serves as an adviser to the play having first hand knowledge of the events.  Some of the actors have very minor roles yet they have traveled great distances to be a part of the play.  There is one scene which is probably the climax of the movie where the Hulk transforms.  He is hiding under a covered wagon which conceals his transformation.  The audience is just given a glimpse of his green form enough to experience is power.  In the last scene he is laid to rest in the neighbors yard under the swimming pool.


I’ve never had a dream about the hulk and haven’t watched it recently so it is quite odd that I would dream of it.  What did catch my attention in the dream was the muscles and strength the Hulk possessed yet at the same time a weakness.  His vivid green color when transformed was very pronounced in the dream.  When I did a search for images to comment on for the dream I found this one.  I remembered a vision I had when I was waking up where I saw the face of a man with very bold features.  He had similar facial features as I do.  I remember wondering who is this man.  The man disappeared and was followed by an automobile that drove by in the night.  All I could see was the headlight approaching.  I tracked the headlight musing about how bright the light was given my eyes were closed.  It passed and was closely followed by a second car.  I tracked it’s headlight as it passed musing again about it’s brightness.

What it all mean I may never know but I do feel very good having heard the voice of my mom and dad.

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Penny Talisman

December 17, 2018

Last night’s dream was very unique.  I am in a struggle or competition with an adversary.  Something or someone who is trying to take my power from me.  I have a toolbox with a key ring on which hang small objects, totems and talismans used to represent aspects of the powers I have at my disposal.  I am also the custodian of sacred objects for the other members of my team.  I sift through the objects and find one that is uniquely mine.  It represents me.  It is a wheat penny.  Seeing the penny, I know this is a game changer because I’ve only ever seen a wheat penny once in my life in a dream which marked a huge turning point in my life.  By association, I know the other sacred objects in my possession are of equal value to those for whom I’ve been entrusted custody.  I also notice there is a pocket knife among the items.  It is a military pocket knife my brother gave me when I was a kid.  It is something he had when he was in the service.  I immediately know I have to get these objects to their rightful owners.  I know I have to guard them from my adversary.  I gather my team around me and securely hand out the talismans.  There is much confusion making it difficult to stay focused.  In addition, my adversary is needling me from all sides.  In the confusion I loose track of my wheat penny.  I am forced to trust it will be there when I need it.  For now, I must focus on the job at hand.  

I am now sitting in front of my computer trying to achieve my mission.  I notice an application keeps popping up on my screen.  It displays a form letter with preprinted titles.  I’m annoyed with the application closing it each time it pops up on my screen.  I then realize my coworker sitting next to me is responsible for the application on my screen. Somehow what he does is being displayed on my screen.  I come up with a way to leverage what he is doing to my benefit.  I now notice my monitor has been swapped out with a smaller one.  Wanting to make sure I am accurate in my assessment of my monitor I carefully study it and come to the determination that the monitor is in fact smaller than the one I originally had.  I stand up and yell, “WHO TOOK MY MONITOR?”  A new employee stands up and says it was given to him as a new employee.  I’m outraged and tell him to ask for his own.  Someone else comes up from behind me to tell me my boss is the one who made the swap.  Knowing I may not have leverage here, I go over to another co worker someone I trust to ask if he can read something off his monitor.  He tells me he can’t because his monitor was also taken from him.

Before waking up I have a second dream.  One where I am with my baby.  It’s been with me for the first few days ‘of its life.  I am feeding it 3 times a day.  I then remember babies are supposed to eat every two hours.  I go over to the baby to feed him and notice the baby does not look malnourished and seems quite content.  I wonder if he is still full from the colostrum he received when he was born.


A More Conventional Approach

November 6, 2018

Last I had a dream where I crew member on a ship.  My superior has given me a set of instructions I am attempting to carrying out.  I can hear his voice while at the same time I am reading the instructions.  While reading and listening to him, I have a deja vu in the dream where one of the names on the roster is familiar to me and the circumstances around the given name but I can’t remember where this played out before.  I tell him about the deja vu.  My superior is not present with me but yet I am able to communicate with him by just a thought telepathically.  I tell him about the deja vu.  In telling him more details from the deja vu begin to stream into my awareness.

I remember being on this ship which we are attempting to evacuate.  We have to save the lives of those on board the ship so part of my job is to ensure all of those on board have the proper instructions to leave.  It seems to be a drill d not so much a real life disaster but at the moment I don’t remember this fact.  This fact is only apparent from where I am now looking back on the deja-vu.  It feels like both timelines, the present and what I am perceiving to be a deja vu, are actually happening at the same time.   Even though I can perceive the details of the other timeline my pausing to understand it doesn’t seem to have an affect on the timeline itself.

I seem to be able to send messages between my present awareness and the deja vu.  I decide to send the message to jump off the deck and fly to the lower levels.  I now act out the instructions and jump off the deck.  I know I am able to fly in dreams so it should work.  I jump and nose dive down toward the bottom but on my way almost to the lowest level I encounter a kite which is preventing me from reaching the bottom.  I attempt to fold the kite but every fold I place in the kite results in a kite of a slightly different shape all the the ability to prevent my fall.

Considering this attempt didn’t work as expected I return my consciousness to the point of observation.  Again I return to the conversation with my superior where he is now answering following the discussion about the deja vu.

I am now standing in front of an elevator.  It open with one person standing inside who says to me, “Do we all fit?”  I get in the elevator and realize we can use it to go down to the lower decks and rescue those on the lower decks.

Let Me Know If You Need Help With That

Mobius Wind Sculpture

I could honestly watch this all day 😍😍

Posted by Sniffr Media on Friday, October 26, 2018

October 31, 2018

In last night’s dream I am in a warehouse where I work with my family.  I have a bunch of kids who work with me.  They are my children but they are now young adults in their 20’s.   My son has developed some new airbags for cars that are made of a space age material which is super strong.  The material is able to withstand any impact.  It will protect your car from the outside.

I walk into the warehouse and a few of the airbags are inflated an sitting in a lounge area.  No one is in the warehouse so I lay on the ground to relax using one of the airbags as a cushion.  I don’t want the kids to see me “playing” with the balloons as I have to maintain the persona of the adult father but I just can’t help it I want to play with the balloons.

One of my sons enters and starts to chuckle.  He has caught me playing with the balloons.  He then shows me the technical details of the airbags emphasizing that they are not toys but have science behind their application.  The airbags are metallic grey and fold up like accordions.   As he demonstrate I can see the back of his neck and become fixated on his medulla oblongata and the youthfulness of his skin.  I become so mesmerized by his demonstration that I am not paying attention to what he is actually saying to me.  As he completes his lecture of the product I thank him by kissing him on the neck.  The then turns to me and says, “Let me know if you need any help with that.”

My alarm rings and I awaken to snooze the alarm.  I immediately the face of a woman.  She had glowing red hair with white beads braided in her hair.  She smiled at me.  My consciousness was then swept back to the warehouse where I young man dressed in grey sat he was talking to me as if I still layed there on the floor listening to him.  When he was done talking he turned to me the real me and smiled.

My alarm rings for a second time.


When I woke up the thing that stuck most with me was the accordion like nature of the balloon and the woman’s red hair.  I sat at my desk to work and pulled up Facebook.  The first image on my feed was the one I selected for this post.  It embodied precisely the accordion like nature of the balloons and how everything fit and moved with such precision and in harmony with itself.  The red strips in the fan blades reminded me of the woman’s hair color and the white metallic circle the blades form reminded me of the white dots in her hair.

Pool Cat Mamma

This Kitten Has The World's Most Adorable Smile

When Wolfie the kitten was rescued, his adorable toothy smile made his foster mom fall in love immediately. But he was sick and weighed less than a pound and vets said he didn't have a chance. Today on Little But Fierce, watch Wolfie get feistier and feistier one ounce at a time, and thank his foster mom for saving his life in the sweetest way possible 😍

Posted by Little But Fierce on Monday, May 21, 2018

September 22, 2019

So I’ve been in a deep depression as yesterday my mother died.  Last night was the first night I was hoping for a dream of my mom to know she is OK.  The entire night I never really achieved a deep sleep or at least I never really felt rested.  I was on constant vigil looking for my mom.  When I did wake up I couldn’t remember anything not a damn thing and I was even more sad that my dreams had let me down.  Then I remembered something what seemed so trivial and unrelated to my mom.

In the dream, we are positioning an above ground pool.  This is a pool we had before and it has sat outside with the sides down to the ground.  There is a puddle of water dark with debris at the bottom.  The wind during the long winter has moved the pool a bit taking it out of it’s original shape.  There are several men here attempting to bring the sides up and re position it.  They are doing it wrong.  They have it going in a triangular shape when it was originally a square.  I attempt to tell them without actually telling them that there is something wrong.  I want them to see the error of their way.  I decide to use hand signals to convey the message. I wave my arms much like a ground traffic controllers does with their flash light to direct the planes in and out of the airport gates.  There is one man standing on the pool ladder who is overseeing the positioning of the pool.  At him I say “1L” and wave my arms to my right.  I then say “2L” and wave my arms behind me.  Then something quite out of character happens.  The face of a huge ginormous cat appears behind him.  Light is shining from behind the cat such that I am unable to see the cat’s facial feature simply the shadow outline of the cat.

_____Dream Ends

I was so depressed and resentful this morning that my dream had not revealed anything about my mom.  I didn’t even want to journal it.  I sat in front of my computer looking at my Facebook page crying watching a video I created of my mother years back.  The end of the video has a full screen picture of my mom looking at me.  The video ended and spontaneously Facebook queued up the next video.  The image of the video above is what I saw.  It was Mamma.

The name of the video also has meaning.  I describe my mom in my video as The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Known.  The name of the cat video is The Worlds Most Adorable Smile.  They both have superlative titles of beauty.  Was the appearance of the completely out of place cat  Mamma?  I believe it was.  I think my dad has shown her how to send subtle message to me because he has been good at it so far.

the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection