Copper: The Philosopher's Stone

AlchemistsI had a dream last night that had a sense of great importance to it.  In the dream, I find myself at a town square in a Russian city.  I am standing watching the people stroll by through the square.  It is so cold here the streets are covered in ice and people are actually ice-skating in order to get around. I notice that the people here don’t seem to be affected by the cold weather.  Everyone has a milky complexion, almost ghostly in nature.  It then occurs to me that I used to live here at one time.  This place was once home to me. 
There is about to be free for all event that would entitle the winner to the jackpot of winnings.  From the top of one of the building along the square the organizers are going to hurl a container out onto the square. The person that is the first to retrieve the container get to keep all of the entire contents.  
I now find myself at the top of the building with the other organizers of the event.  They are showing me the contents.  It is a small box, with a copper lid and an ivory bottom.  This smaller box is being place in a much larger box 100 times the size of the original box.  I can see the larger box now.  It is entirely made of copper.  The box is rectangular and is almost the size of the town square.  I can’t imagine them being able to push that thing far enough to land somewhere in the center of the town square.  

Red Square, Moscow RussiaSomeone then pushes the rectangular copper box and it barely makes it over the edge and lands just feet from the edge of the square and is encompassing 2/3rds of the square.  The participants down below are confused.  They thought they were supposed to scurry to collect the contents of the box but the box has landed larger than life directly in front of them.  It literally came to them.  They don’t get it.  Finally, one guy catches on to the monster sized copper box sitting in front of his eyes.  He then takes his index finger and middle finger and taps on the ground two times then places his hand on the copper box.  This is all that was needed for anyone to do to claim the prize.  He is now the winner.  I go down below to speak with him to share in his excitement.  He is thinking … “that was too easy”.  As I hear his thoughts in my head and my eyes meet his I realize he is me.  
Why did this dream come with such a great sense of importance?  I decided to do a bit of research to see what I might uncover.  Copper was obviously a major theme.  I know the connection between copper and pennies but did copper have any other significance here.  To Wikipedia I go to find out everything I can about copper.  
“Copper occupies the same family of the periodic table as silver and gold.  In alchemy the symbol for copper was also the symbol for Venus which is also the symbol for Man.”
“Copper occupies the same family of the periodic table as silver and gold.  In alchemy the symbol for copper was also the symbol for Venus which is also the symbol for Man.”
“The best known goals of the alchemists were the transmutation of common metals into gold or silver (less well known is plant alchemy, or “spagyric”); the creation of a “panacea,” a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely; and the discovery of a universal solvent.[1] Although these were not the only uses for the science, they were the ones most documented and well known. Starting with the Middle Ages, European alchemists invested much effort on the search for the “philosopher’s stone”, a legendary substance that was believed to be an essential ingredient for either or both of those goals. The philosopher’s stone was believed to mystically amplify the user’s knowledge of alchemy so much that anything was attainable.”
Magnum opus
Main article: Magnum opus
The Great Work; mystic interpretation of its three stages:[4]
•           nigredo(-putrefactio), blackening(-putrefaction): individuation, purification, burnout of impureness; see also Suns in alchemy – Sol Niger
•           albedo, whitening: spiritualisation, enlightenment
•           rubedo, reddening: unification of man with god, unification of the limited with the unlimited.

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