Do I Know You?

A few minutes before I woke up this morning I had a dream where I am in an Uber getting ready to pay the Uber driver his tip. The Uber app prompts me for the desired tip offering me three options. The option boxes to select the predefined amount are so small my finger tip taps the $5 dollar option instead of the $1 dollar. The driver smiles gleefully believing I want to give him a $5 dollar tip.

I get out of the car and attempt to adjust the tip selection but instead of selecting $1 dollar I inadvertently tap on the $15 dollar amount. I think to myself it’s probably best to leave well enough alone because the tip was more than the cost of the ride.

I notice we pulled to the side of the road directly behind another car. As I walk toward the sidewalk I see a gentleman in the back seat of the car. He looks at me and I look at him. Our eyes lock. Who is this man? My curiosity to know him makes me pause waiting for him to exit the car.

The man steps out and stands in front of me. I assume he is a complete stranger yet I am drawn to him as if he is someone from my past. Unable to restrain myself. I embrace him with a big hug and ask him, “Do I know you?” I can see his face clearly. Who he is evades me. He does not respond to my question but instead returns the hug with a firm and lasting embrace. I feel his body pressed against mine through the thickness of our coats. It is a feeling so full of reward and satisfaction of desire fulfilled. I hold the embrace for as long as possible. In the distance I hear my alarm clock.