Horus, Osiris and the Mystery School

Horus BlueTonight’s dream was a recurring theme.  In the dream Earth is being invaded by aliens from another dimension.  The invasion is well under way.  There is more than one group of aliens who are presently engaged in a war over the Earth.  Since I have knowledge of their presence I am swept into the conflict and forced to take sides.  I already know for which cause I stand.  It is to fulfill the purpose for which I was born.  As I enter the battlefield, I am already aware of their tactics.  Knowing harm can come to my family as a result of this war, I ask for the protection of my mother and family.  They can read my mind and know my request before I have even asked it.  Having connected with them mentally, I tell them where my family is located.  I am told my mother has not yet been born and that because of this no harm can come to her. I then take up arms and am made a warrior. 


A falcon follows me wherever I go.  As more details of the war are revealed to me I become aware that these are the creator gods of the Pyramids of Giza.   The war rages on.  No matter where I go a bird follows me.  I begin to question the significance of the bird.  Many people are around me crowding me in.  Wanting more space I begin to draw on the power of the universe to clear space around me.  Instantly my personal space is restored.  I then come to the realization that these people are looking to me for leadership.  “When did I become their leader…and what is this bird still doing on my back?”  With that thought, I become lucid in the dream and all the puzzle pieces suddenly fall in place.  Now in total awe I realize the bird is Horus and I am Pharaoh. Suddenly with a flash of insight I realize, “I am Osiris”.  


OsirisWith the shock of awareness I awoke from the dream.  Puzzled, the first question on my mind was why were my last words in the dream, “I am Osiris” and not something along the lines of the more obvious Horus or Pharaoh.  It was 8am on a Saturday morning so I decided to simply record the details in my voice recorder and go down stairs to let the dog out.  As I waited for the dog to finish his business, I pondered over the dream in my mind.  I knew I had to return to the dream but I had to return in a wakeful state. When the dog was done we marched back upstairs where I promptly laid back in bed and began my meditation.  Within minutes, I was seeing moonstruck images.  The images were black on an orange backdrop.  I clearly made them out to be partial images of 3 riffles. Strangely they were images of the end of the riffles; the part that presses up against ones shoulder.  Thinking they might be angels, I began to move my consciousness backward to enable me to see the bigger picture.  I then clearly saw three renegade warriors wearing bandanas across their foreheads.  They stood on my left in single file.  Their faces were androgynous leaning more toward the feminine.  I could see their faces with perfect clarity.  All three acknowledged me without saying a word.  I then continued to back away and a 4th person came into view on my right side.  He was their commander.  He did not wear a bandana but instead wore some form of hat.  He too acknowledged me as if I was someone of high honor.


I then noticed others beginning to line up behind the original three.  I move forward past the commanding officer.  I once again looked at the faces of each of the three carefully noting their features.  One by one I looked them over.  Beyond the three were at least 5 others.  Their faces were different.  One looked just like me only younger, stronger and better looking.  Another was a black person.  The next three had elephant man features in that their facial features were much larger but in no way grotesque.  Their features were simply larger and more accentuated.  I sensed that these might be forms in which I had chosen to incarnate into.  I sensed that these could very well be the faces I wore at one time.  I somehow found this accentuated form to be so beautiful that I had chosen to incarnate into it many times more as often despite its appearance being different. 


If these had been my incarnations, I wanted to return to see the black person. I tried to go back but they would not allow me to go back.  I continued forward and entered a dream.


I find myself at J.J. Newberry where my mother used to take me to shop and eat pizza when I was little.  They had the best cheese pizza.  Behind the pizza counter sits a woman.  I ask her if she could possibly help me find my way back to Los Angeles International Airport. She tells me she is in school not far from there and can help me.  She tells me there is a bus I can catch out front of the pizza place.  Having no money on me, I ask if she would kindly accompany me on the ride back.  She says she can’t because her school is in Escondido. 


Feeling confident that I can find my way back with the information she has provided me I decide to get something from the house in which I lived before I head back to Los Angeles.  Still fully lucid I am aware that I can fly and that I am pure spirit.  I take advantage of this fact and enter into the house through the upstairs window so that I can go in unnoticed by those presently in the house.  I the upstairs bedroom I see a boy of about 7 yrs old sleeping in his bed.   I quickly move through the rooms of the house looking for that something.  I’m not even sure what it is I’m looking for to take back with me but I know when I see it I will somehow recognize it as being important to me on my journey.  As I walk through the living room there is a woman seating on the sofa.  She looks at me.  I pause for a moment.  Affirming I am spirit, I move on.  In one of the bedrooms I notice a few dream catches hanging on the wall.  This is what I’m looking for.  I grab one off the wall and proceed to make my way out of the house. 

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