Maternity Suites

August 15, 2018

Last night I had a dream where I am in a hospital maternity ward.  I live and work there.  My niece Daisy works there too.  Her office and home are right next to mine.  This is as a result of them switching offices with me.  I have swapped offices with my old boss BMo which now places me right next to Daisy.  I am walking through the building looking at the last names on the the hallway.  The hallways are named by the last name of the last resident in the corridor.  I clearly find where I am supposed to be because I was given a name and a number.  Once inside I discover it is a split level suite with floor to ceiling windows.  In one area the suite is exposed to two stories I am standing and the uper level looking down.  I think it is probably not the most effective use of the space they could have utilized the space on both floors for living.  I’m told the manager of the building has a storage unit where she keeps all the decorations in a central location.  Anything you need is in this storage unit which frees up your space to simply accommodate the view.  I leave the unit to visit my neighbors and take a look at the storage unit.  I walk over to Daisy’s unit and can see the new born beds and the nurses attending the babies.  I stop and visit with the nurses who are sitting on the floor commiserating with one of the nurses regarding events in her life.  On my return I can’t find where my unit is.  All I know is my space is located to the left of Daisy.  It is very confusing and I can’t seem to retain the names on the hallways.  Each time I return the layout seems to change I eventually find my space but I can only find it with the help of others.