Munchkin’s Don’t Fly

August 6, 2018

In last nights dream i am angered by just about everything.  I am so angry.  At one point I am in a cafeteria where I purchase my meal for myself and people who are with me.  There is no where to sit.  The only place to sit is where the secretaries eat their lunch.   The pool of secretaries are short women.  The door to enter into their area is half height.  I feel boxed in.  The chairs are very small and the tables are also very small.  How am I supposed to entertain my party of lunch guests with such poor accommodations?

I confront one of the secretaries and ask her to explain what is going on.  She gives me a snicker (a look not the candy) which angers me further.  I snicker back at her.  I pause for a moment and recognize her to be my cat Cleo.  I think to myself this must be dream Cleo because Cleo is a cat.  Cleo is now going to scale the outside of the building and fly.  This angers me further.  Why are they not resolving the space issue I have guests to feed. I am very critical of everything they are doing.  I can see the wings she is trying to use and recognize them as my socks.  How in the world does she expect to fly using my socks.  IMPOSSIBLE.  Next thing I see is Cleo as a woman flying with my socks.

My alarm rang and I snoozed it.  I then saw a man.  Skeptical and still very angry I looked over at the man and recognized him too.  He is Butters my dog personified.  I am angry because they are taunting me.  My alarm rang a second time.  When I reached over to snooze my alarm Butters had his back to me.  I gently placed him under my arm and kissed his head.  How could I possibly be angry at my little man.