Not My Shoes

Last night I had a dream where I’m being asked to do something or go somewhere so I prepare by putting on my shoes.  When doing so I notice these shoe are not mine.  I assume they are shoes available to me to wear because they are in my closet.  There’s a fair number of shoes available to me but I don’t really like any of them even though they are in good condition.  The pair I choose to wear are missing it’s partner pair.

Feeling unprepared I decide to lay down and take a nap giving up on the shoes.  There’s a meeting going on a stage in front of me.  I had taken a medication for a possible infection (self medicated) and now I’m worried they won’t give me anything to cure my ailment.  I can over hear the nurse speaking highly of me.  She is considering what to prescribe to cure my ailment. I a feel a loss of control because I don’t know what she is thinking on what she might prescribe the only thing i know is what I’ve over heard which was good but she might not understand why I chose to cheat on self medicating.