Office Inheritance

WalletI had a dream where I am at work.  As in real life I have a shared office with two other co-workers.  In our office space there are over head speakers with music playing.  The music is so loud that it is getting on my nerves.  I look for the control pad to regulate the sound level but I can’t remember where the control pad is.  I also can’t remember who our administrative assistant is. 


I finally send a broadcast message out to everyone letting them know that I am annoyed by the sound but no one in the office can remember where the control pad is.  To compensate for this issue I’m told that I will be given a private office space with no over head speakers.  The new office space is much nicer and private with windows and a frosted glass door. 


I begin moving my belongings and notice that the previous occupant left some of his belongings behind namely two leather belts and a wallet.  Both belts are too big for me but the wallet is perfect.  Not only that the wallet has a wad of cash still in it.  What a find I’m thinking to myself.  You always inherit the things left behind by the previous occupant.  The office space has been vacant for some time so I think I can keep the wallet and the money.  Before I have time to count the cash, I hear my co-worker coming down the hall to see my new space.  I quickly hide the wallet under a pair of jeans that are sitting on a bookshelf. 


My co-worker walks in and remarks how cheerful my new space is.  She also tells me that she is very content with her current office space.  She likes the view out her window.  I’m eager for her to leave so that I can know exactly how much money is in the wallet.

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