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“In the Course of a Dream EMANUEL FOR LOVE”

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Ruben Bailey's In the Course of a Dream EMANUEL FOR LOVE

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Enlightenment through the Power of Dreams

Author Ruben Bailey survived a near-death experience to find himself dreaming while awake. Reviews on his book “In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love,” are enlightening readers.

“The book is not long – 232 pages – and it is simply, honestly written. Are there better written books out there? Absolutely. More entertaining? Sure. More scholarly, instructional or educational? Hands down. And still, it’s one of the most powerful books I have ever read, perhaps because of its simplicity. […] As I read the book, I would find myself zoning out. When I started to read about a series of dream and shared experiences he went through with his sister and his mother, I zoned out and watched the rest of the segment unfold in my mind – though I had not read an additional word – and when it was over, I found myself weeping with relief. What had gotten into me?! I began experiencing Ruben’s dreams in this trance-like condition, as if he was getting inside my head and sharing them with me on a personal level rather than through the printed medium. Many times, the dream unfolded in trance just as it would prove to unfold in the book. ” — Kathleen Helms, Blogger News Network

“This book caters to people from all walks of life, those interested in metaphysical phenomena and those who love spiritual books. It is written in a simple and clear style, and it is not a scientific book. At times it is moving, as it refers to the author’s biographical incidents, while other times it is positive, thus helping people find their ‘good’ self.”Liana Metal, Midwest Book Review

“Readers of Carlos Castaneda’s books, including The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, or the books of Dan Millman, such as Way of the Peaceful Warrior, may enjoy Ruben Bailey’s Emanuel for Love.”Lee Gooden, Foreword CLARION Review

In his book, Bailey tells about his altered states of consciousness and his awakening to the power of dreams. He claims dreams are the key and pathway through which humanity will enter into the Age of Aquarius and reach a state of true enlightenment. The message he brings is that enlightenment is not an esoteric concept, but can be realized by all, experienced consciously and used in a practical way to bring about a life of fulfillment.

Ruben Bailey survived a near-death experience to find himself dreaming while awake. In his new novel, he tells about the dreams that followed this near-death experience. Within these altered states of consciousness, spirits would visit him in the dreams to awaken him. Bailey would wake up to find angelic beings hovering over his bed or standing beside him. They would then take Bailey on heroic journeys to reveal past lives, karmic patterns and other dimensions. In so doing, Bailey became aware of the great potential that lies within humanity to awaken to a multidimensional awareness of the cosmic self and transcend the physical plane of reality to become one with spirit and all of creation in every dimension of existence.

The book is published through Lulu’s print-on-demand and is available through most major online book retailers including and through the book’s online Web site located at The author is currently autographing copies purchased through the Emanuel for Love Web site. These copies are sure to become a collector’s item.

The author is also donating part of the proceeds on the sale of his book to help support various charitable organizations, such as the Aid for Traumatized Children Project sponsored through the World Dreams Peace Bridge. For more information on the project, visit

For more information about “In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love” (ISBN 978-0-6151-5178-6), author Ruben Bailey and his near-death experience or enlightenment through dreams, visit

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