Room For Rent In The Bell Tower

Last night I had a dream where I am living back at my old house which I’m once again renting from Larry.  Except this is not the house we had on Mount Washington it is the house on 12th Street.  Now I am the primary person on the rental lease agreement so I am in charge of the house.  I can have the pick of rooms where I want to set my bedroom.  I have reserved the entire 3rd floor of the house for myself.  As I walk through the house, I realize how expansive and big this house really is.  Many of the rooms are fully furnished but hardly ever used.  I now live there by myself and two other guests.  Even with the two guests in the house it still has many rooms to spare. 


Cloaked AssemblymanI am thinking I could easily make a living by renting the rooms of this house and never have to work again.  I mention this to one of my guests who is staying in a room on the 2nd level of the house.  His current room is very unique in that the walls of the room are similar to the oriental style room partitions that are used as room dividers made of large square lattice and rice paper.  It reminds me of being in a confessional.  I tell him I’m thinking of renting out one of the bedrooms on the 3rd floor and offer up my space to be shared with someone.  He asks me if I would allow him to exchange his room for my offering on the 3rd floor.  I agree to allow him to use it.  I decide to give him the room at the rear of the third floor.  As I’m walking there to show him the room he asks me how much money I want as rent.  I have no idea?  I guess something like $400.  He says, that I am currently charging him $1400.  I then tell him that he should then continue to pay $1400.  He asks me how much do you pay for the entire space.  Out of somewhere unknown I pull up the figure, $4,200. 


I then realize I had forgotten that the house is inhabited by many spirits who often hold assemblies.  The assemblies are known as the Assemblies of Light.  I forgot to mention this to him. As that thought crosses my mind, I see one of the assembly members wearing a red hooded cloak come rushing toward me.  He bumps into me as he hurriedly dashes by.  How am I going to introduce this twist of fate to him? 


Up in the back room of the house in the room he would be occupying is a middle aged man who every morning sticks his head out the window to play his wooden pipe which he plays like a bull’s horn.  It plays an intoxicating melody that serves as a call and signal for the ears to hear.  It is a call from a bell tower. 


In the corner of the room is a wooden box which is mounted on the wall like a light switch.  It has the appearance of a coffin.  I open the lid to reveal a bi-fold door.  With the release of each fold the entire 3rd floor of the house magically becomes bigger, deeper and wider adding dimensions and perspective that were not originally present.   This place is now bigger and greater than it ever was before.  I’m thinking this must be their secret on how they fit so many attendees at their gatherings. I am in utter amazement at the new size of the space.  This place is incredibly beautiful.  The furniture and décor is exactly to my style and liking.  There are rich deep colored woods and it has a very earthy feel.  It is a place for a king to reside.  As I step into this expansive space to experience its beauty I realize I am suspended in mid air at it’s center.  I have an incredible sense of freedom yet I am unable to move forward, backward, up or down or any direction for that matter.  I am simply suspended at its’ core.  In that moment I begin to awaken from the dream becoming lucid.  I look at my surroundings with now a lucid awareness as I gently open my eyes to see where I am.  I am in bed in my bedroom.  With my eyes open I am holding both dimensions in my awareness simultaneously.  I needed to pee but I remained calm for as long as my consciousness would allow me to hold both realities in my conscious awareness.  Slowly and gently the other dimensions began to fade.  In the distance I can see a very large gathering of the Assemblies of Light who have gathered to cheer me on. Hey stand in the distance with their arms stretched high swaying back and forth as my room once again returned to its normal size. 




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