Spire Flutter

July 27, 2020

I had this dream the other night and didn’t have time to journal it. It was probably two nights past. It left a very strong impression on me so I wanted to get it down. In the dream I am in a castle presumably a place where I either live or have spent a great part of my life in. The castle is so vast I am vaguely familiar with it. It seems to have many areas I am unfamiliar with. I am being escorted to the castle spire. It is the highest point in the castle. I can see the wood framing that holds up the exterior. It ascends to a point beyond which there is no going further. I want to say I have been there but I am afraid it may not support my weight at the very top. I am also afraid I may not be able to get back.

I continue reluctantly to the point where I would need to crouch down to go any further. I decide not to crouch but instead bend forward to peak as far as I can. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I have seen it I quickly turn back.

I am now able to see my dog Butters who is in a different form. He is all black like a dragon undergoing some form of metamorphosis. He seems to be shedding his dark side. I want to help him and not leave him to do this on his own but I have to come up with a plan. I know it to be a challenging process one that requires supernatural skills of the spirit world. I believe I have the power to overcome his dark side. I can call upon some help.

I send out an encrypted telepathic message who could help and support us. The message is received and many answer the call. Butters is on a train destined to a location. I enter the train from doors on the opposite side of the platform. The train immediately stops. No one suspects it to be a plan since the door i opened is on the wrong side of the train. My plan is to lock the doors causing there to be a train delay to it’s final destination. This delay will allow us time to work out the plan.

Eventually the opposing force will catch up but I believe it will give us sufficient time to progress in our plan.

I can see the examiners approaching with authority I now we have very little time left. I wonder if those who heard the call have had enough time to fulfill the plan. In this moment from the door I held open emerges a white dragon with wings so large it can barely fit through the open door. I pokes its head through the door with such force and courage the examiners are halted not expecting such a thing. They are pushed back to regroup and come up with their own new plan. This delay gives Butters the time he needs to fully transform and shed his dark side. I see him laying there unable to stand. The darkness is shed in a dark smoke is release a billion dragonflies so many I can hear the sound of their wings brushing up against each other.

Its now apparent the reason he was dark is because so many dragonflies were pack in so tightly no light was allowed to pass through. In releasing the dragonflies colors begin emanating from their little bodies. Rainbow hues pulsate through the flutter of dragonflies.