Pool Cat Mamma

This Kitten Has The World's Most Adorable Smile

When Wolfie the kitten was rescued, his adorable toothy smile made his foster mom fall in love immediately. But he was sick and weighed less than a pound and vets said he didn't have a chance. Today on Little But Fierce, watch Wolfie get feistier and feistier one ounce at a time, and thank his foster mom for saving his life in the sweetest way possible ūüėć

Posted by Little But Fierce on Monday, May 21, 2018

September 22, 2019

So I’ve been in a deep depression as yesterday my mother died.¬† Last night was the first night I was hoping for a dream of my mom to know she is OK.¬† The entire night I never really achieved a deep sleep or at least I never really felt rested.¬† I was on constant vigil looking for my mom.¬† When I did wake up I couldn’t remember anything not a damn thing and I was even more sad that my dreams had let me down.¬† Then I remembered something what seemed so trivial and unrelated to my mom.

In the dream, we are positioning an above ground pool.¬† This is a pool we had before and it has sat outside with the sides down to the ground.¬† There is a puddle of water dark with debris at the bottom.¬† The wind during the long winter has moved the pool a bit taking it out of it’s original shape.¬† There are several men here attempting to bring the sides up and re position it.¬† They are doing it wrong.¬† They have it going in a triangular shape when it was originally a square.¬† I attempt to tell them without actually telling them that there is something wrong.¬† I want them to see the error of their way.¬† I decide to use hand signals to convey the message. I wave my arms much like a ground traffic controllers does with their flash light to direct the planes in and out of the airport gates.¬† There is one man standing on the pool ladder who is overseeing the positioning of the pool.¬† At him I say “1L” and wave my arms to my right.¬† I then say “2L” and wave my arms behind me.¬† Then something quite out of character happens.¬† The face of a huge ginormous cat appears behind him.¬† Light is shining from behind the cat such that I am unable to see the cat’s facial feature simply the shadow outline of the cat.

_____Dream Ends

I was so depressed and resentful this morning that my dream had not revealed anything about my mom.¬† I didn’t even want to journal it.¬† I sat in front of my computer looking at my Facebook page crying watching a video I created of my mother years back.¬† The end of the video has a full screen picture of my mom looking at me.¬† The video ended and spontaneously Facebook queued up the next video.¬† The image of the video above is what I saw.¬† It was Mamma.

The name of the video also has meaning.¬† I describe my mom in my video as The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Known.¬† The name of the cat video is The Worlds Most Adorable Smile.¬† They both have superlative titles of beauty.¬† Was the appearance of the completely out of place cat¬† Mamma?¬† I believe it was.¬† I think my dad has shown her how to send subtle message to me because he has been good at it so far.

the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection