The Emerald Eyes of Poseidon

Bearded PoseidonI am at Sunset Harbour watching the boats go by.  There is a ship coming in to dock.  It makes its’ turn but is coming in too fast. Someone is going to be injured.  It hit the wall of the dock and bounces like a rubber ball making one complete rotation in the air.  Upon hitting the water it bounces again and is propelled in the air toward the land where I am standing.  It lands several feet in front of me and begins to slide down the hill toward the water.  I’m hoping the boat will slide gently enough to allow it a safe landing.  Upon hitting the water the ship capsizes.  My consciousness now is down below the water watching the injured scurry for their lives.  I’m amazed that my consciousness moved so quickly and is viewing these events with such clarity.  There is one person who appears to be dead.  His body is now floating at the surface of the water.  I then wake up and grabbed my voice recorder to record the details of the dream.  Afterwards, I lay back down and began my meditation.  In a vision I saw a man with piercing glowing emerald eyes.  Trauma and turmoil like the unpredictability of the oceans are a part of life.  It happens to the best of us.


The dream reminded me of the Poseidon Adventure so when I got to work I looked for an image to display with the dream.  Coincidentally and to my surprise, I found the I found an image of a statue showing the piercing emerald green eyes of Poseidon.  However, this image was not my favorite.  I preferred the bearded images of Poseidon. So here I will display both to honor my dream.  I learned that Poseidon is actually the god Neptune and is the brother of Zeus.  


Emerald Eyes of PoseidonThe funny thing is I had a great deal of turmoil arise after this dream in a personal situation which I’ll try to describe vaguely.  Someone I know said something about someone else in a group of people.  I don’t know the person he was talking about, but I did feel strongly that what he had said about the other person was slimy and very inappropriate and not in keeping with the spiritual principles and our traditions in recovery.  I confronted the person about his actions.  I also discussed my feelings without specifics to others.  In the end, this person’s words came back around to bit him in the ass.  He then accused me of having repeated what I heard him say of the other person to that person.  I was unable to reason with him.  The situation seemed to just get worse from there.  He made all sorts of threatening comments to me and is now even threatening to sue me.  Of course, I know it is all talk because there is no basis for a lawsuit.  This could be what my dream was trying to alert me to.  In the end, this person decided to to part with our support group.  In essence this event killed his recovery because he could not face his own actions.  The man is dead to his recovery.

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