The Golden Ring of the Seventh Heaven

goldringI’ve been You Tube’ing lately.  It is amazing what great works you can find.  Speaking of the Seventh Ring in my Labyrinth dream I did in fact find a ring that day on You Tube a Golden Ring no less, a Golden Ring of the Seventh Heaven.  It spoke to me in a way that rang true and resonated deep within me.  I’ve been listening so some of the transmissions by this person known only to me by the name Rysa.  I highly recommended them as I have found the voice to be empowering and aligned with the source of light that is also guiding me.  We are called to unite with like minded souls to spread our knowledge of what has been revealed to us to others.  He calls us the Wayshowers.  I call us Lightworkers or Starseeds.  We are known by many names but our calling is to help guide the way and lead the people out of darkness by carrying the lamp of higher consciousness  to help awaken humanity out of the dream of life.

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  1. hmmm – yes it is as you say… I am impressed by our connection. It would be easy to believe that I looked you up on google and found that you listened to this particular video, Seventh Heavens and then sent it to you as a surprise… Yes that would be what a skeptic would believe. In fact most would suggest that this is the way things are but through some connection we have I was able to choose from 270 videos the one you mention here. I am humbled by this as I feel the guidance of the Inner Teachers or teachers of light is so subtle and quiet that most miss it. The Videos have a way of touching something to connect the mind and heart. In the same way that this occurred between us the Videos are a Collective Entrainment with the Like Mind… or our One Mind… those on the Frequency can hear it and know it is also them speaking as I speak. So thanks and I appreciate this special information you shared. Rysa

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