The Inaugural Address

Tennis Court OathLast night I had a dream where I am now working for myself but as of yet I don’t have anything that I am called to do.  I have a series of voting machines that my aunt Andrea donated to my new business.  The power cords are still tie wrapped such that you can tell that the machines have never been used before.  I am sitting there waiting for work to come in.  I then receive a contract assignment from my former job as a paralegal to handle some state filings.  I am happy to have received some work.  I am then told that I have been selected to speak at the Presidential Inauguration.  I am one of a few who have been hand picked to make a presentation speech.  There is a memo being issued to the parents of those selected honoring them.  It details the selection process and is apparent that to have been selected is one of the greatest honors based on merit achievement one could receive.  

I woke up with a great sense of awe. 

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