The Sonar Stream

SonarThis seemed an appropriate dream to place here. In the dream I am about to take a shower. I walk into the shower stall and turn on the water. I then notice the stream of water isn’t hitting me. The stream seems to be falling short vanishing in mid air. I step out of the shower to look at this peculiarity from a distance. Sure enough the water stream is vanishing just above where my head would be. Somehow I know the cause of the interference. It is the sonar stream; an intense sound wave that scatters the water and creates a fine mist. I stick my hand in to prove to myself that my hand would be wet if I passed it through the stream. I do so feeling my fingers. Sure enough my fingers are wet. I decide to attempt to take a shower allowing the stream to do its work. I have faith that my body will be cleansed when I am done. Upon stepping out of the shower my partner tells me that he has received an invitation. Knowing there is something strange going on here for which I need more direct answers to I decide to ask him a probing question. I’m now semi-lucid. Turning to him, I ask point-blank, “Where are they inviting you to?” Seemingly confused that I am asking him a probing question, he does not answer. Again I ask him sternly, “Where are they inviting you to?” I hear the sound of my voice clearly as it resonates within me waking me up from out of the dream. I maintain my dream awareness and remain in bed with my eyes closed.  Tongue tied he still does not answer looking around not knowing what to do. Knowing I must get an answer from him before the dream slips, I again in an unwavering voice ask him, “WHERE ARE THEY INVITING YOU TO!?!” Somewhat annoyed, he finally answers, “I’m not gay.”


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