The Spider's Probe

Wolf SpiderI laid down to begin my meditation. Mystified by the beautiful colored lights within my mind’s eye I completely forgot where I was.  Feeling the presence of someone beside me, I came back to reality.  Realizing where I was I opened my eyes.  There beside me kneeling on my bed was a transparent man.  He was not human.  He had long fingers with large bony knuckles and thick claw like fingernails that reminded me of the feet of a large bird like that of an ostrich.  He did not frighten me nor intimidate me. He simply sat there observing me.


Above my face was swirling some form of robotic arm as if my meditation was being monitored by his kind.  To let him know I wasn’t afraid I held out my right hand and wiggled my fingers at him in a scary gesture.  I assumed the sight of my fingers would be just as foreign and frightening to him as his fingers once were to me.  There wasn’t any reason for me to fear him.  He simply sat there observing me as his probe spun a few inches in front of my face.  I closed my eyes again and returned to my meditation.  After about 15  or 20 minutes I allowed myself to drift off to sleep. 


During the night, I had a dream.  In the dream there is a man who wants me to carry out his business; his agenda.  I however do not want to participate in his plot because by doing so I feel it places myself in legal jeopardy.  Since I refuse to cooperate, he devises a strategy that will pull me into reacting and into the conflict at hand. It would force me to take action; to become involved thereby initiating his sequence of events. 


I became lucid just as he is setting into motion the events that would naturally cause the desired reaction in me.  Now lucid, I am consciously aware of his motives.  What he set in motion violates my sovereignty and therefore I am forced to confront him.  Now fully lucid, I walk over to him knowing he is concealing his true identity.  I grab at his face to pull his mask off. 


In that moment I awoke from the dream.  I now had a transparent yellow spider about 3 feet long and 2 ½ feet wide crawling over me. I could also see my aura around me which seemed to have been invigorated by my renewed awareness.  My aura was acting as a force field to shield me from the foreign invasion thereby protecting my sovereignty.  Feeling protected, I starred the spider in the eyes as it backed off knowing I was fully aware of its presence.  Afraid of me now it circled around and retreated until it disappeared. 

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