Where the Angels Play

Florida KeysLast night I had a dream where I find myself in the arms of God.  He holds me in his arms as I sleep. In the dream, I wake up and realize where I am.  I realize that this is where I have longed to be.  I then start making baby noises, baby talk of some sort. Even though I can’t yet speak I am able to communicate with my Love.  I can hear the beat of his heart and mine responding to his.  I am happy to finally be in this place that I have longed for.


I nestle my face and nose into his chest.  As I do this, I immediately transition into an alternate reality and my surroundings change.  I am in a state of ecstasy flying over the turquoise blue waters of what seems to be the Florida Keys. I am flying inches above the surface of the water with an ease that is so natural and free.  I have not a fear in the world.  I can feel the wind and the ocean spay against my chest and belly.  I then choose to land in the shallow waters just of the coast.  I am amazed that the waters here are so shallow that my feet are able to touch the sand below.  I see others swimming and enjoying the waters around me.  I am in heaven where the angels play. 


This was such an incredible dream.  When I awoke in the morning I couldn’t help but link this dream to the dream I had about the clown where my belly hit the surface of the water and I was forced to do a retake.  Somehow I understood this dream to be telling me that I was somehow successful in the retake.  This was the retake which allowed me to now experience God in this way.  


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