First Form Sea-Monkeys

Sea Monkey

Last night I must have been awoken 5 or 6 times by spirits.  It was getting to the point of irritation.  Each time it was someone different trying to get my attention and each time they took me on long drawn out dreams to show me things from their worlds.  I was completely lucid during all of these experiences.  At one point, I thought I had integrated myself so fully into their world that I would not be able to come back.  Several times I opened my eyes in the middle of it to test if I could come back which I did.  I would quickly close my eye to resume the experience.  So much happened I couldn’t begin to record it all.  I somehow knew this night would be primarily for my personal experience. 


By morning I was so tired from their incessant prodding that I became abrasive and cocky from their irritation.  I remember one woman was a green reptilian humanoid who woke me up and asked me to accompany her on a journey.  I agreed since I really didn’t have a choice.  She led me down a corridor. As she walked, I trailed close behind her.  When she wasn’t looking I made an abrupt turn and walked through a doorway leaving her behind.  I entered a back stage kind of realm where apparently life itself is orchestrated.  I saw how life’s events are put formed; the cause of our experiences.  


I became curious about the basic life forms present here.  I challenged them with questions and comments on the things they were telling me.  I did not accept anything at face value.  I was extremely contentious.  I’m not sure where I acquired my knowledge but I knew what they were talking about as I seemed to be calling up knowledge from within me.  Our banter volleyed quick and pointed. 


Each time I encountered someone in my dream I would touch them to feel their spirit against my hand.  If I awoke I touched them again to see if their consistency had changed in the waking state.  I wanted to know what they were made of.  They bore three distinct forms: those that I could see and touch and feel as having a solid form, those that were etheric where I was able to pass my hand through them, and those that simply did not exist yet I somehow was aware of their presence.


I then became curious about my form.  To test which of the three forms I possessed, I walked out on a ledge. I prepared to step off the ledge which is something I knew I could not do in real life.  As this act defied the dream, the moment I stepped out off the ledge I became etheric.  In so doing, I immediately became aware of my form.  Somehow I was aware of every aspect of my Self and every aspect was aware of me.  This new awareness was recursive.  At that moment, I became Self aware in the truest sense of the word.  My form was a wispy etheric blue with spikes on my back, neck and head.  These wispy spikes were created by the flow of fluid air that was continuously passing through me.  I then saw others able to move in and out of form seamlessly connecting to one another.  There was no point at which my form began or ended.  There was no delineation between me and another.  Every aspect was independent and yet representing the whole.  It was so amazing to see.  Form comprised a myriad of color, vibration and tone that was fluid and ever changing.  Form is a substance from which any expression is possible. 


I then sat with a supreme being. He was a tall bearded man who wore red and blue. I asked him what I needed to know or bring back with me from this experience.  He told me, “You will not be able to see.” I assumed he meant that I had experienced so much of this other reality for so long this night that was now blinded by the light of truth.  Even this I challenged by saying to him, “It is not with the eyes that I see but with the heart.”  He then turned and looked at those present saying, “He has learned a great deal.” 


The thing that struck me the most about the experience was my question and answer.  That evening I began my search for a suitable image to go along with the dream experience. I had simply been too busy at work this day to devote any time to the task.  Nothing I found seemed to resonate with the dream.  I looked for anything related to see, sea or blindness but nothing seemed appropriate.  Frustrated I gave up on the dream, I decided this dream was far too complicated and would simply have to go unwritten. It was beyond my comprehension with far too much to bring back and decipher.  I also not going to create a post without an image. 


Frustrated I gave my mind a break and began poking around the internet aimlessly.  I zoned out for a few moments and without knowing it I found myself keying in a search for Sea-Monkeys.  For some reason, unknown to me I had actually keyed in a searched specifically for Sea-Monkey’s. “Why Sea-Monkeys,” I thought to myself?  I remember being an avid Sea-Monkey hobbyist when I was little but why not today as an adult. As a kid I was forever ordering more supplies through my comic book catalogs. I remember often zoning out watching my Sea-Monkey’s for hours on end wondering what it would be like to be a Sea-Monkey.  Their lives seemed so care free.  Watching them had a calming affect on me.  Even the smell of their food packets was now fresh in my mind. 


On the Sea-Monkey website I read the company’s mission statement:

Our mission is to raise the planet’s Kindness Quotient and Sea-Monkeys® are the catalyst. Raise just one Sea-Monkey® family and you will be a believer… a nice & kind one!


What a wonderful mission statement.  No wonder they had a calming effect on me.  I looked up from my computer and swimming across my room was a sea of Sea-Monkeys.


Happy Joyous and Free were these.  They were larger than life about 18 inches by 6 inches.  These were blue in color.  They were of the first form mentioned.  Somehow I knew they were the First Form.

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