2 O’Clock At Umber Island House

May 25, 2018

Last night as a fell asleep I found myself within a circle of men with me in the center.  The circles spread out in 3 concentric circles 3 circles deep.   I see every face of every man and understand each man to be me in every dimension of space.  I identify with a man in the 2 o’clock position in the 3rd circle.  I place myself in his awareness  to experience the circle from his vantage point.

The dream now shifts.  My awareness is taken to a place where an event is about to take place.  There are plastic picture frames with names on them representing the players involved in the event.  The frames are empty to conceal the mystery.  The event is monumental.  Similar to the day the earth stood still or the day aliens arrive to earth.    It feels like I am on the precipice of a new beginning a birth of sorts.

The island house where the event is being hosted has many services offered to it’s guests.  It is located in Long Island, New York at the tip near Nantucket.  There is one room where the lights are turned off with the exception of an under the counter night light in the corner of the room.  I walk in to find what appears to be a country store where spirits are offered to drink along with cigars.  The cigar are in small humidity controlled wooden cedar boxes.

I then woke up needing to go to the bathroom.  After returning to bed the dream continued.  I become aware of the many offerings the Island House has to offer including areas where one can mingle with others and find intimacy in sexual expression.

I meet a couple two guys who are staying at the resort.  Through the course of our stay, they share details of their lives.  I seem to be sharing a room with them.  I’m learning from these men how to be a sophisticated connoisseur of gay offerings.  I become interestingly aware that keys do not seem to have much importance here.  With this freedom, I leave my room without a concern or care for where my keys may be.  I am a bit envious of the life they lead wanting it for myself.  Oddly given I am present with them and leading a similar life I somehow feel removed from the rewards.  I know I must not envy and simply be happy for them and what they were able to achieve in their lives.  There is a part of me that knows I am dreaming.  Reasoning I am each part of the dream therefor to envy is to envy myself and my own success.  Yet I cannot separate myself from the feeling of envy.  I want what they have.

It is time to leave.  I now find myself on a beach witnessing the sunset.  I notice the distance between the shore and sky is very shallow. You can touch the sky.    I notice the texture of the sky is granulated.  The pattern in the sky changes as I watch it becoming more wave like similar to the pattern in my quilted mattress pad.  The sky is a burnt umber.  I think to myself I should grab my camera to take a picture of this beautiful sunset.   I turn to leave this place and see before me a topaz ocean with a narrow bridge people are using to cross.  The bridge is in the distance but can see the people before me crossing as shadows on the bridge.  I know it is my turn to cross over this bridge.  The ocean is turbulent but the wind assists in diffusing the ocean spray.



When I fell asleep tonight I wanted to remember my dream because lately I have not been able to remember or at least was unable to put words to what I was experiencing in my dreams.  I thought about the intention and what if anything I wanted the dream to answer.  I didn’t want to ask for specifics preferring that nature take it’s course.  I decided to ask for help in decorating my yard.  I told the dream I wanted to create a Faerie Village theme where the nature spirits can dwell in the yard.  I asked for help in choosing the decorative pieces I might place in the yard and assistance with caring for the garden.