A Dog Of A Cog

July 6th, 2018

The other night I couldn’t remember my dream the only thing I could remember is as I was falling asleep I could see the ethers blowing in like clouds rolling over the hills.  The fibrous strands that hold the dream together were beginning to vibrate with color.  An image appeared of a cog.   It held stationary for a moment then rotated one click counter clockwise and disappeared instantly.  I was somewhat shocked as I wasn’t expecting it to move.  Once again the ethers are vibrating their density increasing.  An image appears once again.  The same cog only slightly different yet perfect in its assembly.  It too stood motionless allowing me to take in the detail with which this cog was constructed.  Suddenly within the tick of a second is clicked on turn counter clockwise and stood for a millisecond and disappeared.  I wonder why it chose to disappear in its new position.  I fell asleep not remembering anything further.

The following night I had a dream where I am with a group of people we have a shared mission.  I find myself standing upon a platform which sits over a large well.  I seem to be the lead person directing their actions.  My dogs are there with me.  One puppy and one larger dog.  Someone is assigned to care for the dogs to make sure they don’t fall through the holes in the platform and into the well.  The puppy is left unattended and falls through.  Luckily a group of support people I have assigned to guard the lower sections grab the puppy out from the well saving him.  They report back to me what has happened and ask, “Who is assigned to watch the dogs?”  Supervising the platform I too ask, “Who is assigned to watch the dogs?”  I am angry and want to cuss the person out but hold back.  A girl approaches to claim responsibility.  I can not get angry it just doesn’t fit my personality or who I am today.  Instead I calmly explain the importance of the job to which she is tasked and ask her to step back into that roll.   I thank her and resume my watch over the platform.