A Feminine Viewpoint of a Man's World

MarsI had a dream where I am with Joe at a resort.  We are sitting by the pool.  I get up and leave him there to go off on my own.  Little do I know, I will never be able to return to him and my past because, as the story unfolds my world will forever change.  


I am headed back to our room when I come across a man.  We get into an interesting conversation.  He is a robust man wearing shorts and a light vest with no undershirt. He reminds me of a captain of a ship.  I am captivated by the golden hair on his chest and the way it glistens in the sunlight.  He allows me to place my hand over his heart to feel his fur against my hand.  I am distracted long enough such that by the time I look back everything has changed.  My world is nothing like it used to be. 


With this new world reality, I become lucid.  I know I am experiencing a world of those who have visited me.  In this new paradigm, the men and women are segregated.  I am experiencing a man’s world from the vantage point of the women.  I have gained access to this insight through the women who have concealed my presence.  The men are completely unaware.  All those in a man’s world have their backs to me.  They are going about their business.  Unlike the women who are much like me, the men are tree climbers.  I can see how different their world is from mine.  I am discouraged because I lack the ability to climb trees.  I could never survive in their environment.  How would I ever integrate myself into a man’s world?  I observe them for a bit longer before I decide to leave. 


Knowing I must retreat I go back into the protection of the women.  The world of the women is much different from the men.  The women are exactly like me.  I believe the women are offering me asylum into their world a place they call England.  


Now free within their world.  I still don’t feel quite a part of being that I’m not a woman.  I can feel the pull of my yearning to be with my own kind.  I wonder into a small shop a candy store where two children are play with some of the gumballs.  One of the two boys has a sling shot.  I watch him take a gumball and place it in his sling to shoot it forward.  From behind I feel the gumball hit the back of my head.  Knowing there is no such thing as distance or time here I know it was the boy intention to sling his sling that I felt upon my head. 


I leave out the candy store wanting to return home.  Standing outside the candy store I begin to float away.


This dream really spoke to me as having a very important message.  I was curious to the hidden meaning of England as the place of asylum.  Quite interestingly here is what I found:


England is a country, which is part of the United Kingdom.  England is named after the Angles, the largest of the Germanic tribes who settled in England in the 5th and 6th centuries, and who are believed to have originated in the peninsula of Angeln, in what is now Denmark and northern Germany.


Immediately I saw the word twist with Angles and Angels.  Looking up Angles the dictionary brought me to the word angle which at first I had not even picked up on. From the definition of angle the following struck me with the tone of synchronicity.


ANGLE: the precise viewpoint from which something is observed or considered <a camera angle> <consider the question from all angles>; also: the aspect seen from such an angle <discuss all angles of the question> b (1): a special approach, point of attack, or technique for accomplishing an objective <try a new angle> (2): an often improper or illicit method of obtaining advantage <a salesman always looking for an angle>


The women offered me a new angle (viewpoint) from which to experience a man’s world.


Oh the magic of the dream is so amazing. 

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