A Life lived off the Cuff

Off the CuffThanksgiving 2005 was the day my life would change forever. I dropped dead and somehow was allowed to return because I had yet to fulfill my true calling. I saw the life drain from my eyes as the lights were turned off in my head. I saw the light in the tunnel where I was met by others who showed me what I had done with my life. On the gurney was a withered hand and forearm, a symbol of that part of me that I had not yet extended to humanity. My book, my life and these websites are an attempt now to offer a loving hand. It has become my calling. There is no other reason for my living than to fulfill what had yet to be fulfilled.

I sometimes feel stuck. Not knowing the right answers or the next right move. I’m told in deep meditation, “You already know the way. You have done this before.” There is a place within me that does have the answers. It is a place within us all where we share in the light of our True Self. The answers received are not however the instructional answers we are used to receiving like a recipe with measured amounts. Life is meant to be lived in the moment and off the cuff.

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