A Pebble in My Pocket

RunesIn this dream my friends and I are each playing a board game.  We each have a board and some playing pieces.  There are 6 players including me.  I’m the only one sitting off to the side all alone.  I’m thinking it is time for me to move over and join the group.  An Indian comes around and places a rune in a empty jar beside me.  They are speaking in the 3rd person about what is going to happen to this rune and the fortune it will bring.  They say that the guy will take this jar home which he does and before he knows it people will be putting money into the jar.  Somehow I know they are referring to me.  I am the person spoken of in the 3rd person.  I somehow understand that this dream refers to my request to change careers.  Later after we have played several board games I look over at the jar and just as had been predicted the jar is now full of quarters.  

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