A Sekhmet Decanter

SekhmetI had a dream where I live on an estate that is located along a golf course.  Many of the homes in these estates have natural hot springs.  My home is one of those with a natural spring.  My sister is visiting me.  In a moment of clarity, I pause to reflex on the ostentatious homes and how unnatural that is to who I am. 


My sister and I are planning to spend the day soaking in the hot spring but first we stop in to look through the gift shop situated on the golf course.  Wondering through the gift store, I notice there are many display cases with crystal images of the Egyptian god Sekhmet.  I am captivated by these images.  Sekhmet is the only god honored by the golf course.  I want to know why the golf course has chosen to specifically honor this god and not any other.  Most of the crystal images are large and very expensive. 


As I examine the images I notice all of the larger expensive ones contain a fluid within them.  They all seem to serve as decanters for an essence or perfume.  There is also a small solid crystal image that catches my eye.  I am drawn to this smaller one because it is solid whereas the others I regard as inferior because they have hollowed out insides which hold their essence.  This small image of Sekmet is prices at $40.  I buy it setting it on the counter to wait for Grace to finish her shopping.  Grace is looking at some Indian moccasins. 


There is a woman in the shop talking to the salesperson about the homes in this area.  She makes a comment regarding the minimum amenities afforded each of the homes.  These are luxury homes, she says.


We have spent our whole day in the gift shop and the store is now closing.  I return to the counter where I had set my purchase down and no longer see my item sitting on the counter.  All the display cases are now empty.  The salesperson rummages through some items behind the counter looking for my purchase.  She asks me if it is the large one to which I nod my head to disagree.  She finally finds it and brings it back out on the counter where I examine it a second time.  This time I notice this small version is also a decanter which holds a highly concentrated essence.  I suddenly realize the price is in proportion to the amount of essence which the decanters contain and does not reflect the value of the decanter. 

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