About Me

Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Ruben Bailey.  I am the author of the book titled, “In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love.”  Dreams are my passion.  They are my reason d’etre.  I have been journalling my dreams since 1995 but it wasn’t until I suffered a near death experience in 2005 that my dreams came to life.  They litterally came to life.  Following the experience, I began having visitation dreams where angelic beings, angels, faeries and spirit guides would come to me in my dreams to awaken me.  I would litterally wake up and find them hovering over my bed or standing beside me.  This began happening night after night.  I knew what I was experiencing had purpose.  I purchased a voice recorder which I maintained and still maintain beside my bed to capture all details of my encounters with the other side.  They would almost always take me on dream adventures to show me who I am and what lies within the human potential to awaken to a multidimensional awareness of the cosmic self.  We are multidimensional beings.  The Age of Aquarius has dawned upon this man and it is about to dawn upon you.  We are at the point of the Great Awakening.  

I AM the Dream
I AM the Dreamer
I AM Light
I AM Love
I AM Potentiality
I AM Form
I AM Formlessness
I AM Intention


I am here to help humanity move into
a multidimensional awareness;
to achieve cosmic expression
within the human form.
I am here to live the dream.
I am here to create Heaven on Earth.
I am here!

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