Alien Fish Fry

August 21, 2018

Cousins have arrived for an event.  Two of my cousins are already here.  I can hear Jeanette’s voice in the distance.  I am trying to figure out if her voice is coming from in front of me or behind me.  I want to know who arrived first.  I look behind me down a long corridor in the direction of her voice.  She turns the corner and is excited to see me.  She shows me all the fish she brought for us to cook for the party.  She takes me to her truck where in the bed she has it packed with fish and ice.

In the second half of the dream, Aliens are attacking the city.  I can see billowing clouds out the basement windows.  Bombs are going off.  I can see small fires developing.  We are in a good space to take cover because the shrubs outside camouflage our location.  Someone brings me an envelope with money I had left laying around.  I think to myself it probably won’t be of any use to me since the aliens have invaded.