An Extraterrestrial Visit

Arecibo MessageThis was another incredible dream.  In the dream, I find myself at work.  A co-worker is being transferred into my team.  He was a valued member and lead analyst in his previous group.  I use to hold his position early in my career and at that time he was my second in command. Prior to this, we had been discussing that he was rightly deserving of a merit increase and a corresponding increase in pay.  I was behind him on his request although I was no longer his superior.  Now I see that they honored his request by moving him into my team.  I counsel him by explaining that with this move he should now be entitled to two merit increases, one for his previous role for which he was rightly overdue and one for his new responsibilities.  I ask him if they had granted him both.  He smiles and tells me that he is simply happy and thankful to now hold the title of Engineer and to be working alongside of me.  


He has two monitors that he has brought with him which he hangs on the wall in the workspace we both share.  I’m worried that the way he has anchored the bolts that secure the monitor to the wall will place our work area at risk of having the monitor come loose and injure someone.  I tell him he must secure the monitor if he intends to leave them there.  


We are now outside admiring the night sky.  As I’m looking at him and his shoulder length hair I become lucid. I’m now quietly comparing my co-workers image to his image in real life.   Their features are not similar.  The dream co-worker is much different from my memory of my real life co-worker.  What makes me associate the two?  As I’m contemplating this I see a space craft in the night’s sky amidst the many stars.  I immediately draw my dream co-worker’s attention to the space craft.  At first he doesn’t believe me.  Yes, I tell him it is a space craft.  The craft has 4 distinct layers or tiers.  I begin hailing the craft telepathically by raising my arms in the air.  I tell my co-worker to watch the way the craft is maneuvering.  In this way he will know it is in fact a space craft.  My co-worker is now also convinced that it is a space craft.  The craft then maneuvers a shuttle craft and lands behind me within three blinks of an eye.  It happened so quickly I barely had time to turn around.  The inhabitants of the craft are now walking toward me.  They are human in appearance.  It is all happening so quickly.  They are coming at me so fast that I have to take several steps back.  


The surprise of the approach wakes me up out of my sleep.  I open my eyes to see a large slender green alien creature coming toward me in my bedroom.  He is at least 8 feet tall.  I immediately raised my palm toward him and placed a loving image in my mind.  I immediately saw streams of rainbow colored light flowing from me to him.  His image became illuminated as he stopped in his tracks.  The image disappeared and I got up out of bed to run to the restroom.  


When I returned to bed I recorded the details of the dream/vision and began to meditate.  I was hoping to go back there.  After a few moments, I had a vision where I was on board their space craft.  They were celebrating.  They knew I was watching.  They gathered together 5 of them to do a line dance for me which was reminiscent of the childhood.  They wanted to let me know they had received my message and were joyous and above all peaceful.  

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