Apply Life's Lessons to Practical Questions

MathematicsIn this dream I am taking several courses in preparation for my Ph.D.  One of these courses is an advanced math class dealing with complex shapes and patterns.  I’m told I need to prepare for an exam.  I don’t even remember having attended any of the classes.  I’m told I already know the material covered and if I was to just look at the questions I would be able to answer them with the knowledge I already have.  I sit down looking for a way out because I don’t believe I am prepared for this.  I’m thinking of ways I might cheat.  After looking at the questions they are questions that are more life based than theory based.  I realize that all I have to do is apply life experience to the questions to answer them effectively.  There are others in my class.  I want to get the best grade possible but I don’t seem to have patience enough to sit through the exam and call up my experience.  It requires a slow methodical approach.

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