Archive Preservation

September 9, 2018

I don’t remember a lot from last night dream in part because I didn’t really want to be required to journal anything today.  I wanted a day free from the thought of having to write down my dream.  It wasn’t until I sat at my computer to do some regular work and discovered my external hard drive wasn’t working.   For some reason, the computer would not read my external drive.  That’s when I remembered my dream.

In the dream, I am leaving a gathering of people. This gathering is like the League of Nations.  We had long discussions about the state of affairs.  At the end of the meeting someone come up to me and hands me an SD Card containing all the file I need.  I look at the small disk and recognize it as an SD card I had misplaced and had been trying to recover for a long time.  She hands me the card and says take this with you.  I immediately know this is what I’ve been searching for.  It is a collection of my most personal and treasured things.

How coincidental that today I had problems with my hard disk.