Bug In Mouth

June 26, 2018

This dream is so incredible.  I am fully lucid during the entire time.  It was so intense with information the best I can do to represent it is a mash up of what i learned.   I find myself doing things spirits do and I am so present and aware of my presence I believe I must have died.  I’m not too concerned about being dead I figure it will be true or it won’t.  I take advantage of the situation to explore the mechanics and properties of my surroundings.  I spend a great deal of time learning new things.  I learn about my mission, how things work. I visit parts of my life and how they are connected.  I look at motives, aspects of myself, I look at vices and my desires toward selfish things.  I learn how I can shift those desires toward holding space for goodness and clean healthy desire.  I study what happens when I make the choices I take.  How my choices influence and affect my life at different times and how those choices relate to or affect my spiritual condition and where those actions place me on my path.

I have the ability of flight and am succeeding at it yet I am aware there is more to learn.  I am able to test things and discover the impact on the ethers based on my actions.  I become of aware of the connection between my waking state and the dream state and how they influence each other.  It becomes clear I cannot do it alone.  I must help others because in reality I am in everyone and everyone is in me.  There is nothing that distinguishes me from another person.  I must help others regardless if they are friend or foe.  I look at what happens when I try to hoard things and the desire to want and preserve things exclusively for myself.

I look at reincarnation and I understand how some people are able to go through life putting very little effort and still being able to achieve things banking on spiritual rewards from previous lives.  I understand what creates generous people.  I understand how hoarding things for myself actually pulls me back and limits my growth.  It is in giving that we receive.  I look at my own greed and the desire to preserve myself.  I look at how I can temper this desire and transform it to serve a greater good and at the same time enriching me. Those things shared are multiplied 10 fold.

I am able to talk to people without actually speaking and they understand me and I understand them.  By examining my behavior I understand what to do and when to do the right thing that which brings about the greatest good.  I learn how to share of myself and how much to share, allowing people their process and how to guide my own actions so that I am not trying to control outcomes.  The moral of the story is we are interconnected and yet we are also individuals, like children of each other.  It seems an oxymoron but it is true.  We are one and the same.

I learn the inner light reflects and projects itself into the outer world.  I am able to see myself and I see how I show my light to others and how I receive light from others like a matrix and by angling our light we experience the whole of our collective our greater self.  To come to know the whole I must collect all aspects of the light so I must be able to connect with everyone with an open mind.  It’s through sharing and receiving this light that we grow an evolve into higher states of consciousness. 

I came to understand my want to have a partner as something maybe I don’t need to want, maybe I don’t need to spend time obsessing about whether I have someone in my life or not. Maybe these things will come in their own time and of their own accord.  They will come by simply focusing on the present while fully engaged, fully open to those things I desire will come.

My back is connected to some kind of balloon. I hear the rubber of the balloon  against my body.  I realize in the end everything comes together in accordance to a divine plan.  I do not need to fear anything.  I do not need to control anything.  Unexpected things happen when I get out of my way.  We sabotage our own plans when we attempt to control outcomes.  There is divine order in the process if we allow it it will unfold naturally.   Maybe we do agree to come back to experience suffering.

I find myself so engrossed with the inner workings of the dream.  I am fascinated with how the dream constructs this reality that defies the laws of physics.   I worry about the amount of time it will take me to fully understand it.  I realize time does not exist and I have all the time in the world.  I can literally stop the clock and ponder my present state for as long as I need.  Which means I can take the time to fix or rearrange things to pause life never waists time. I can pray and meditate anytime.

I examine my own behavior.  There is someone behind me trying to take something from me.  I turn and look to see who is trying to take energy from me.  Selfish desires bring me back to a lower state.  People feed off my energy but those people who are steeling my energy turn out to be me.  As I turn to look I see a man, I am the man a copy of me.  From a distance, I look into his eyes and asked him,  “If you have my body why did you take it? He responds, I never had a body.  We are faeries with distinct bodies yet we share the same spirit. You have a body.”  He gives me the analogy of me and my dog.  We are one in spirit.  My dog is a splinter of me.   We have distinct bodies yet very different bodies.  We coexist one depending on the other.  We can pass through each other, we share stories, we empathize, we have myths.

I recognize I carry part of your psyche into the dream. We have an innate need for self preservation and survival.  We have not learned that we are the same.   In the dream I try to respond to things with my waking psyche but I can evolve and embrace a new paradigm to encompass the properties of the dream which are the same as those in the spirit world.  I must expand my awareness to encompass a new paradigm.

At the end I allow myself to fly down to the ground to see if my etheric body can pass through the ground.  As the ground resists my etheric body a ladybug crawls in my mouth.  I awake.