Christened by Sir Elton John

Sir Elton JohnAs I lay in bed meditating, I began to drift off as a dream began while I was still semi- conscious. 


I am in a church.  All the ornate walls are made of a natural wood.  They are about ready to deliver the Eucharist.  As I look around the room, I notice I am the only one standing in the congregation other than a clergy member who is assisting the priest.  I cannot see the priest because of a blinding white light that is coming from the pulpit.  In an unusual move the clergy member walks off to my left presumable to retrieve Eucharist for the priest to deliver.  He walks over to a sliding closet door imbedded in the wall of the church.  He slides the door with ease to the left   As if the church were on casters; the entire outer walls of the church begin to shift with the moving door.  The sound of the great massive walls sliding across the floor wakes me up from my semi-conscious state.  As if to remind me where I am in the dream, I hear my consciousness say to me, “He is about ready to deliver the Eucharist.”  Attentive now, I see him reach for a robe that is hanging in the closet.  It is the robe worn by Christ at the last supper which has remained hidden within the walls of the church.  The light is now ever more blinding such that I can barely see anyone through the light.  I then feel the robe being placed over my head and upon my body.  I am in beside myself. 


I slowly opened my eyes.  Standing upon my bed was a translucent tall statuesque woman.  She wore a rather large pair of glasses which reminded me of Elton John.  She held an open hymnal in one hand.  Her face was completely illuminated as if an orchestra light was reflecting off the pages of the hymnal.  We acknowledged each other telepathically.


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