PropellerLast night I had a dream where my family and I are staying in a group of bungalows in somewhat of a resort type place.  My aunt Helen is rooming across from me.  She is not in her room.  I’m in her room and two guys show up at the door and force their way in.  They are somewhat known to me but not close friends.  They want a place to hang out for a little bit.  I can’t seem to shake them so I allow then to stay for a minute.  I however don’t want to be around them to I walk out of the room to figure out what to do.  I few minutes later I re-enter the room and they have made a mess of her room.  All her dry cleaning is strewn on the floor.  I sternly ask what the hell they think they are doing to which one of them answers that they are looking for the remote control. Knowing my aunt is a control freak and a neat freak my temper explodes and I yell at the one who answered, “GET OUT OF HERE”.  I woke myself up having actually yelled it out loud in my bedroom.  “Wow, what was that about,” I thought to myself.  I quickly recalled the dream from which I had just jarred myself awake and grabbed my voice recorder and captured the details of the dream.  


I returned to bed and had a second dream.  I am with a friend who is a pilot.  He is a good longtime friend of mine.  I’ve always wanted to learn to fly.  As a matter of fact when I was in my early twenties I took flying lessens and clock about 10 hours in one of those small Cessna’s.  Thinking I would have liked to have gotten my pilots license I ask him if he could possibly tutor me.  I’m thinking that since he is my friend he won’t charge me as the lessons and rental of the aircraft were expensive.  He agrees to train me.  He has me doing odd jobs.  Wax on, wax off I’m thinking he doesn’t have any interest in teaching me.  He simply has me doing odd wax on wax off jobs. I’m feeling resentful and finally I tell him I’m moving on.  He appears to be expressionless.  What’s up with him?  As I’m walking off with ever step I begin to gain awareness, an awareness that I already know how to fly.  I’ve always known how to fly because this is a dream.  “CLEAR PROP!”

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