Could I Love A Taurus?

Life PreserverLast night I had a lucid dream within the first hour of having fallen asleep. I know this because when the dream was over I immediately got up to go to the bathroom and noted the time that had passed since I had layed my head down to meditate.  


In the dream, I am in an open field where all the stars are visible in the night sky. Looking up at the heavens, I want to know whether aliens exist, beings from another dimension, and if they do I want to communicate with them.  A twinkling of lights appear in the sky and I know it is a response to my question.  Space ships appear and hover over the night sky. A voice is heard in the heavens, “Aliens do exist.”  With that a black life preserver falls out of the heavens and into my hands. 


Knowing this is my chance to cross over into their world.  I slip the life preserver around my waist.  As my body enters the ring I can see a slice of the Flower of Life in 3 deminsional space.  A being appears to greet me. He is in a form that is pleasing to my awareness.  Knowing this, I tell him I want to see his true form.  His form changes to that of a reptilian being that reminded me of the Egyptian god Sekhmet.   Knowing the truth, I look deep into his eyes and ask myself, “Could I love you?”  My entire being fills with love and I know in my heart that I could love an alien as I love my own family.  My arms reach out to embrace him.  I can feel his upper arms which have a soft rubber feel to them.  He turns to depart back into his world. 


Wanting to experience his world fully I follow him stepping through the metrix that is his dimension.  As I step through, I appear on board his space ship.  The interior of the ship has a pale blue grey color to it.  There are 3 beings that I can see aboard the ship.  I notice there is almost no instrumentations.  The metrix from which I entered closes behind me.  He shows me around his vessel answering all my questions concerning interdimensional travel. He tells me the point at which I enter is the point at which I return so it is impossible for me to get lost.


Everything is so vivid and real I wonder if I have permanently left my world.  Seeing the others I commit their faces to memory so that if I ever encounter them again I will remember them.  How could I ever forget such an experience?   With that thought I am instantly returned to my bed.  

 Throwable PFDs are often called “life savers”, “life preservers” or “lifebelts” or Lifebuoy (although the terms “life savers” and “life preservers” can also refer to lifejackets/vests). 
Throwable PFDs are deployed from a vessel or land into nearby water, to give the recipient buoyancy. They are often provided on ships, docks and other water-edges in case a person falls in the water. Throwable PFDs are usually ring-shaped (toroidal or torus). Such a shape is easy to throw to a distressed person, can be grasped by a hand or hooked arm even in turbulent conditions, and is much easier to put on in the water than a lifevest. A new form of throwable PFD, known as a “guidable life preserver,” or “hydrofoil-powered life preserver”, is starting to gain widespread acceptance and use, particularly in the field of swiftwater rescue. Guidable life preservers are typically capable of greater distances and accuracy than traditional throwable life preservers, and in some cases can also be used to transport rescue workers across the water. One example of this new form of life preserver is the following shore-based swiftwater rescue system. Certain airplane seat cushions may be used as flotation devices. They typically include two straps on the back to be held onto in the event of an unsuccessful ditching on a body of water. They are designed to be used as personal flotation devices on non-overwater aircraft that are not required to be stocked with a supply of life vests. (Commercial aircraft are also equipped with multiple inflatable “escape slide – raft” devices, just as ships are equipped with inflatable life rafts and other floating survival platforms additional to rigid lifeboats.) 


TaurusIn geometry, a torus (pl. tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle, which does not touch the circle. Examples of tori include the surfaces of doughnuts and inner tubes. The solid contained by the surface is known as a toroid. A circle rotated about a chord of the circle is called a torus in some contexts, but this is not a common usage in mathematics. The shape produced when a circle is rotated about a chord resembles a round cushion. Torus was the Latin word for a cushion of this shape

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Taurus. In western astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. In astrology, Taurus is considered a “feminine”, negative sign. It is also considered an earth sign and is one of four fixed signs.[3] Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (which also rules Libra). Being the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus has been associated with the astrological second house. The glyph is also the alchemical symbol for rocksalt.[4]

Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Taurus individuals. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Taurus roughly from April 20 to May 20.[1] Under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently there roughly from May 15 to June 15.[5] People born on these juncture dates should have an astrological chart drawn to determine which sign the sun was in at the exact time of their birth.

Taurus is one of the constellations of the zodiac. It sits large and prominent in the Northern Hemisphere winter sky, between Aries to the west and Gemini to the east; to the north lie Perseus and Auriga, to the southeast Orion, and to the southwest Eridanus and Cetus.

In the west of the constellation lie the Pleiades, one of the best known open clusters, easily visible to the eye.  The Pleiades also known as M45, the Seven Sisters, Seven Stars, is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters, and is probably the best known, and is certainly the most obvious to the naked eye.

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