Day Two: 7 Requests for Reviews

Day Two; 7 Requests for Reviews

The Emanuel for Love press release through PRWeb went out yesterday.  I Google’d myself and was surprised to see all the places where my news release is being picked up.  Wow, how’s that for popularity overnight?  Even my blog, “Living the Dream” is being picked up.  Apparently, if you want to say something, say it in a blog.  


Here is this self published author struggling to get his divinely inspired message out to the masses.  How does one cry, “bleeding heart” in a crowd this size?  It still seems like insurmountable odds.  If this message really is divine in its origin, how would God use me to get his message across?  Sometimes I can’t see it.  One thing is for certain, the heavens can see farther on a stormy day than I could ever see on a clear day.  I know God will part the sea because this message must be heard.


I was overwhelmed by the amount of work not to mention expense that is involved in publishing a book. For those illusive reviews…the universe sent help. Bostick Communications crossed my path yesterday.  I immediately grabbed hold of the life raft and signed on to their distribution service without even giving it a second.  The universe said jump and I did.  They offer a Religion Press Distribution package to deliver your press release to the religion editors at the major media markets with follow up phone calls to key editors.  It was exactly what I needed.  I’ve had 7 requests so far for review copies of my book. That makes 8 so far including the Clarion Review.



I had another one of those visitation dreams this morning….

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