Dream: How Do I Achieve Enlightenment?

NebulaI find myself with a group of people.  I’m looking for my loved one, my partner, my soul mate, my twin flame.  I see a guy standing in a movie theatre and I run up to him.  The house lights in the theatre are still on.  I put my arms around him knowing he is the one.  He does not resist me but he also does not move to embrace me.  He says, “You think you found your soul mate?”  I reply, “I know I did.”  I dig my nose into the side of his neck where it meets the front of his chest.  I can smell his essence.  I can see his golden brown bearded face and I know I am home.  He then say’s, “Yea, but do you remember what you did?”  He wasn’t asking me this in judgment, he wanted to know if I was still standing in judgment of myself but at the time he asked I did not know why he was asking me.  I failed the response by answering with a defense.  A little trickster guy beside me lifted me up off my feet and pushed my foot so as to nudge the person seated in front of me.  I did not want to do wrong against another so I moved to prevent him from entrapping me.  I quickly returned to the tight embrace in which I held my loved one so as to not allow him to leave my sight.  I immediately went into a state of bliss. 

When I came out he said to me, “What if this is not my true form?”   He then transformed himself into other forms many bearing the faces of many other humans.  I questioned myself, did I have prejudices or could I truly receive him in whatever form he appeared?  He finally assumed the form of a green alien creature.  He was friendly in appearance but nonetheless alien to me. He was now standing about 10 feet away under a shadowy overhang.  He then said, “Would you embrace me now?” to which I replied, “Yes.”  I knew I had to remain with an open heart. I then moved to wrap my arms around him.  I once again immediately fell into a state of utter bliss. 

When I reemerged I had a false awakening.  I quickly recognized this was not my 3rd dimensional reality so I quickly moved my spirit from the dream body to trigger an out of body experience.  I floated out of my body and ascended into the heavens.  I wondered if I had died.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  Luminous nebulous clouds were everywhere.  Angels and fairies were perched within the clouds radiating all the many colors of the rainbow.  My spirit then took form.  I was the ugliest form in the heavens but I did not care.  I was simply happy to be there.  I then walked around this realm observing what it felt like to be housed in this new body.  It was awkward.  A group of angels approached me and asked if I was OK.  I said, “Yes,” with a smile as I looked down upon my swollen hairy arms.  There was grace to be found in heaven and I soon shed my ugliness. 

I then was swept away and found myself in a blue room void of anything.  I had been here before.  I was fully lucid and conscious of every detail about who I was.  I knew this was my chance to ask a question directly of God. From out of nowhere I heard my voice say, “I want to see my son.”  Where did that come from I thought?  What a question.  If I had a son, I would certainly want to see him but I don’t have one.  Yet from somewhere I felt in my heart the love of my son.  I wanted to know my son.  Where was this love coming from?  I began so see before me a hand reach out to pick me up.  Before I lost my lucid opportunity, I quickly asked the question, “Tell me how to achieve enlightenment.”

I was carried off by the hand of God and my spirit was placed in a great elephant. I was given a master who loved me and whom I loved and faithfully served.  I relived all the years of his life.  There were times of great joy when my feet never touched the ground.   As I neared the end of my years it came a time when my body could no longer sustain me.  My master knew this and one day administered a lethal dose of poison so that my spirit may be freed.  As the poison took hold I cringed in pain.  I then saw from the back of his neck emerge my spirit once again free.

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  1. The best part of this dream is how your beloved tests you by asking you if you would love him the same no matter what form he took, and how you were accepted in paradise even though you found your own form unacceptable. The hugs, the embrace bringing about bliss- it’s a beautiful dream.

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