Dreaming for World Peace

World PeaceI had another one of my visitation dreams early this morning so I know my meditations are working. I meditated for world peace as I laid in bed before falling asleep last night. In the dream, I see a black woman in spirit who is very beautiful with thick black curly hair with very large and supple lips. I know she has to be an angel even though she represents the shadow self. There is a somber sense of quiet peace about her.In the dream she was passing by my bed as I slept at night (I guess you could call this a false dream). I knew she represented the shadow aspect of humanity that is now coming up to the surface to be given the light of day. I was determined to change and resolve conflict and bring peace into the world. So I swung my paralyzed dream arm as hard as I possibly could to grab her and bring her back with me.

I woke up from out of the dream in that instant as my limp arm went flying in front of me. With my eyes now open, above my head was her hypnopompic image as she looked down at me in surprise. I immediately felt the need to apologize for swinging my arm at her. I saw from about the area of her right shoulder appeared a red laser beam of light like the ones they use to lock on to a military target. I knew I had locked on to my intention for world peace. Her image hovered over me for about 2 minutes while my eyes remained open before she and the red beam of light vanished into daybreak. The veil of separation is slowly losing its grip. Soon I know it will be phenomena that will be commonly accepted.

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