July 7th, 2018

In last night’s dream I find myself with my old co-workers.  I have returned to work with them for a day and observe the changes that have occurred since I’ve been gone.  I notice co-workers are adopting strategies I had spearheaded.  Both my old co-workers now even ride scooters to work.  They are showing me the scooters they have purchased.  Dana tells me it is the best most economical means of traveling to work.  I am pleased to see them embracing my ideas and supporting technology that is eco-friendly.

I am looking at the layout of the office and am shown how they have streamlined processes including the layout of the office to be more functional for the employees and to support collaboration.  They show me where they have stored all my things and how they have incorporated them into the new design.   There is even a new pedestrian col de sac for to enjoy the sun outside and socialize during the day and after work.