Estamos Contigo Hulk

Thor Ragnarok: Mark Ruffalo on The Hulk’s Role

Last night’s dreams were very interesting.  When I first went to bed and started falling asleep I had a short intro dream.  I wasn’t quite asleep when in front of my eyes passed a small pyramid.  It paused for about 20 seconds in front of my eyes long enough for me to examine and take note of the object.  Although it was a basic pyramid, it did have an unusual characteristic in that it’s sides were bloated and it’s points were pinched as it it was constructed with spheres.  It’s color was a creamy purple.  As it started to move passed my field of vision my spirit body sprang into action and immediately got up out of bed and followed it.

I follow the purple pyramid to a house.  I am standing outside an open window.  The house is dimly lit by a candle.  The light illuminates a picture frame hanging on a wall.  I recognize the frame as one which hung in my mom’s house.  It is a picture of my grandfather and my two uncles who are now deceased.  I attempt to focus in on the image to make sure it is the same one.  The image is somewhat obfuscated by the glass through which I must perceive it.  The faces in the image fade in an out.

A man stands in the corner of the room.  He notices me looking through the window. He hides in the corner to cover his naked body.  I ask myself could this be my mom’s house?  I instantly hear my mother and father call to me as if she were on the telephone.  She asks, “Me llamas?’ I am surprised the voice is exactly that of my mother.  It can be no other person.  I ask if she can hear me to which both my mom and my dad respond, “Claro que podemos escucharte!”  Hearing my dads voice EXACTLY as I remember it I know it is them.  I want to hear more but can not come up with a question to ask.  I want a good question but I am tongue tied.  My mom perceiving I am dumbfounded offers a few words.  She says, “Estamos muy bien y estamos contigo.”

I am jarred awake by the experience almost as if I was pushed to wake up so I would remember their words.  I recorded the details of the vision on my voice recorder and proceeded to go to the bathroom and returned to bed.  I then had the following dream.

In the dream my life has become a play.  In the play they find a vagabond man who is traveling the countryside.  This man is in tattered clothing.  He is the Hulk.  He is bewildered because when he transforms into the Hulk he can’t remember all that he does when he is in character.  When he is found along the roadside his is taken up by the cast of the play.  The play is just now forming.  Since he is disoriented he is easily swept up into the play and easily is made the main character.  Life marches on for him in the play and he experiences many life events.

There are  two showing a 7pm and a 9pm.  The 7pm is the original with the 9pm being a repeat of the first except the 2nd show has a different man as the producer.  The producer is not the same as the Hulk.  I never really meet the producer of the first showing since when I arrived on the scene I am bewildered and confused and the cast has already been assembled.  Some of the scenes from the first showing are changed slightly in the second and the Hulk who is me serves as an adviser to the play having first hand knowledge of the events.  Some of the actors have very minor roles yet they have traveled great distances to be a part of the play.  There is one scene which is probably the climax of the movie where the Hulk transforms.  He is hiding under a covered wagon which conceals his transformation.  The audience is just given a glimpse of his green form enough to experience is power.  In the last scene he is laid to rest in the neighbors yard under the swimming pool.


I’ve never had a dream about the hulk and haven’t watched it recently so it is quite odd that I would dream of it.  What did catch my attention in the dream was the muscles and strength the Hulk possessed yet at the same time a weakness.  His vivid green color when transformed was very pronounced in the dream.  When I did a search for images to comment on for the dream I found this one.  I remembered a vision I had when I was waking up where I saw the face of a man with very bold features.  He had similar facial features as I do.  I remember wondering who is this man.  The man disappeared and was followed by an automobile that drove by in the night.  All I could see was the headlight approaching.  I tracked the headlight musing about how bright the light was given my eyes were closed.  It passed and was closely followed by a second car.  I tracked it’s headlight as it passed musing again about it’s brightness.

What it all mean I may never know but I do feel very good having heard the voice of my mom and dad.

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