Fear and the Astral Plane

SatanI’ve spent alot of time on the astral plane so I thought I would share a few things here many might find enlightening. Following my near death experience the occurrences of OBE or astral projection is common for me. Its seems when I died I must have left the door between the two worlds open. That seems to be the simplest way of putting it.

There are in fact two layers that I have observed in the astral plane as you mentioned and many fearful things (illusions) can be found within the lower layers. Those spirits in the lower layers (they however are real the illusions they create are however not real) are like us on the 3rd dimensional plane, they are unable to see the higher vibrations so they still believe in the idea of control. They being the misguided spirits doing the so called evil. This produces a state of fear and lack which feeds the illusion of evil. Evil is an illusion based on the idea that we can be separate from our creator. This is impossible for nothing outside of God exists. It only exists (the illusion anyways) in the minds of those who believe it.

We are self reflective. Inasmuch, anything we believe is projected out and reflected back to us. That is what creates the illusion. Because we are of one mind we can see the illusions of others the closer we are to that vibratory frequency. It is not until our vibration is so high beyond the astral plane and far removed from the base vibrations of the lower astral planes and the density of the 3rd dimension that we become impervious to the illusion. In otherwords, angels that exist well beyond the astral plane and highly ascended spiritual beings are unable by God’s Grace to see our fear based illusions. In essense they only see what is real, they only see that which is good in us. This is God’s Grace. It is a natural veil that protects the angels from being misguided. That’s why our sins or illusions are forgiven by nothing other than God’s Grace.

As my awareness increased through exposure to the illusion I was able to see that evil has no real control. Fear is the mechanism through which the dark forces harness energy that we expend on fear. It is an intoxication to the dark lords. It is a drug on the astral plane and many don’t even know it. The greatest threat to the dark side is the spiritual awakening of mankind to it’s true essense. That’s why we as a society are perpetually innundated with distractions through the media and other venues luring us away from the inward journey toward self realization.

Confront your fears and don’t run and don’t hide. Instead simply and gently place in your mind the memory of a positive image of a loved one, the birth of a child or the image of a beautiful sunset or a rainbow in the sky or Christ on the Cross. It can be whatever image works for you. It’s as easy as changing the channel on your television set. Hold on to that image and instantly your vibration must respond to your thoughts thereby raising your vibration and you will have let go of fear and it’s hold on your life and your soul will be freed. Fear can only invade your mind if you allow it in.

Make no mistake all energy has a felt presense. Energy is neither good or bad it simply is. This is again because nothing outside of God exists. We as spiritual beings are natural conduits for God energy to pass and flow through us. As energy is embued with our thoughts it becomes the substance upon which creation itself is made manefest. That energy embued with our thoughts too becomes self reflective thereby reflecting our thoughts. That’s where the power of creation come in. When we tense up in a state of fear that restricts our ability to conduct the flow of energy. We loose our awareness of God and therefore we feel or percieve what feels like an attack. If we remain calm and at ease with a knowing that nothing can possibly hurt us we soon learn that there is nothing to fear. All fear based illusions simply pass or flow though us.

That is what my awareness of the Astral Plane has brought me. I hope it helps someone.

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