Flight of the Condor

The CondorWhen I woke up this morning I had a sense that answers to my many questions had just been explained to me.  It is hard to describe a language that does not use words but simply images to convey meaning.  I felt as if I had been granted a higher level of understanding, a voice and a means of expression.  I finally understood what had for so long been a mystery. 


In the dream I own a building with underground parking.  In the building is stored and archived all of my soul journeys.  It is also the place where my soul returns to reenergize.  To enter one must lay on one’s back head first in the sand.  This is a secret that no one tells you.  You instinctively know this truth.  It is as when the baby in the womb turns at the precise time before birth.  In the dream my soul is returning to this place to gain re-entrance.  I see the place like a cradle in the sand.  Having done this before, I lay head first and allow the sand to swallow me up.  My body transitions into the lower dimension below the surface of the earth.  There is scaffolding all around me and many tunnels. 


I am told that I have just died.  I over hear them saying that I am tired because of all my self imposed limitations.  I see a beautiful vivid blue stream with a water fall that is frozen.  These are my archived memories.  I chip off a piece of the frozen waters and take it into myself.  The waters heal my soul.  Everything here is neatly categorized.  There is order here. 


With my death arrives an awareness of darkness as my consciousness is split in two.  I can see both halves of myself. Yet each half is also a whole being in and of itself.  The being of light is lying in a fetal position; he is the same color as the frozen waters.  He is surrounded by protective blue netting that is composed of the frozen waters.  He is sleeping within his netting and is reenergized by the frozen waters.  Of the other being, I can only see his neck and shoulder region.  I can see a creamy white skin tone. I can also see that he is beginning to grow black feathers.  He is the Condor. 


The Condor is developing rapidly.  I am afraid that he might gain flight and threaten the one who sleeps.  As small as he is the one who sleep begins to move looking to now escape his netting before the Condor takes flight.  Miraculously the netting gives way releasing the one without wings who instantly takes flight sending a blue burst of light down through the many tunnels bringing light to all places where darkness existed.  Is this the end of the Condor?


I can now see the delivery area and loading dock of the building and the entrance to the parking structure.  I have a vast number of parking spaces that are allocated to me and my guests. 


If you haven’t noticed this dream sounds very much like child birth.  I found it ironic when I went to look up the word condor in Wikipedia I found that the condor is closely related to the stork which we all know is associated with child birth.  Condors were nowhere on my radar before this dream. 

Condors are part of the family Cathartidae, and are closely related to storks, whereas the 15 species of Old World vultures are in the family Accipitridae, that also includes falcons, hawks, and eagles. The New World and Old World vultures evolved from different ancestors. However, they both are carrion-eaters and have distinctive bare heads.

It is synchronicity such as this of the Condor and the Stork that I’ve come to recognize as spirit’s way of authenticating the message recieved. 

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