Friday's Hope

PlanetsLast night, I set my alarm half an hour earlier to allow myself a little more time in the morning to mediate before getting out of bed.  During the night I had a dream where I was actively within my addictions.  I want to act out before my partner comes home with the dry cleaning. As I stand in the kitchen contemplating how I might accomplish this and get away with it, I see his car pull up in front of the house.  Not having enough time to follow through with it, I set my intentions aside.  He is arriving with a man who is going to do our taxes.  They walk up the front steps and ring the doorbell. I open the door and welcome them into the house.  They walk over and sit at my dining room table.  I ask them if they would like some eggs for breakfast to which the tax man asks, “How many ways can you serve up eggs?”  I’m insulted because he knows what my earlier thoughts were.  I want to run, because there is nothing worse than being called to the carpet.  As I turn to walk away, I see other men in black, tax collectors, arriving at the house.  There is nowhere for me to run.  I have no other means of escaping than to fly away and end the dream.  My consciousness begins rise.  The tax collectors rush in and begin grabbing at my feet to pull me back to hold me accountable.  I reach down and try to break myself loose but now they have both my feet and arms. 


I slowly begin to awaken still struggling to free myself.  As I open my eyes I could see the two men now on all 4’s on my bed pulling at both my arms.  They were literally pulling on me.  I could still feel and see them in this wakeful state.


Now awake, I no longer felt threatened.  I clearly examined the two men before me.  One of the two men had a gold coin resting on his upper lip.  As I began to relax, I acknowledged them and they released their grip on my arms.  They began to float away headed toward my headboard.  I followed the man with the gold coin and as his face floated by me, I quickly reached up to grab at the coin.  I over shot my reach and instead my fist bumped his nose.  He and the coin changed trajectory and disappeared. My alarm clock sounded.  How coincidental was that, I thought to myself? 


I turned off my alarm and began my meditation remaining wakeful and aware.  I immediately reentered the dream where now I find myself aboard an aircraft.  I get up out of my seat and walk over to look out the many windows.  I can clearly see several planets below.  They are so beautiful.  I start screaming and shaking people’s seats saying, “Look, Look, Look there are planets outside.”   I am in total amazement that I am experiencing this space voyage fully awake.  I can’t stop looking out the window and admiring the incredible beauty that is these planets.


The aircraft begins its decent into the atmosphere of one of the planets.  I am speechless, breathless and in total awe.  The craft finally lands on the surface of the planet and the inhabitants on board the aircraft begin to disembark.  I’m afraid that if I disembark I will not be allowed to return to my earthly reality.  Knowing this is what I’ve always dreamed of experiencing; interstellar travel, I disembark.  The feeling as I walked off the craft was so incredible.  It felt as if I had actually crossed over completely into another dimension.  I was no longer simply peering into this other dimension from within my meditation; I was now fully part of it.  The people were slightly different than humans but in every sense very much human.  I remember saying to myself, “They are just like me.”  There were so many people going about their business.  I then walked down a residential street where I came across two children playing.  I observed them briefly and continued walking.  I then turned around to take another look at them from afar.  Something was not right with this picture.  I stood there at a distance trying to figure out the anomaly.  It then hit me.  The houses were new but abandoned and the children playing were on a continuous loop.  I was alone.  Saddened, I retreated into myself.  My dream body then became an orb of light.  As my consciousness started to drift away, I saw another young girl sitting on the sidewalk playing jacks.  She looked at me and said, “Please, don’t go back to your isolation.”  The little girl knew me. 


JacksNext to her appeared a penny on the ground.  I reached for the penny.  I picked it up and looked at it.   It was a penny from their world.  I wanted to give the little girl a penny from my world but I did not have one with me.  I then turned to look at her again and noticed there were now many pennies, gold coins of all kinds lying on the ground.  I picked up several of them to examine them.  They were very shiny and beautiful.  I knew I was in a world where poverty was non-existent.  I was filled with a renewed sense of hope. 


Wanting to know more about this world, I looked around to see if I could see a street sign that could clue me into where I was.  There was one street sign with the number 12 on it.  At the bottom it read, “Friday”.  The sign also had Arabic writing on it.  I am worried that I might be somewhere in the Middle East but in this desert there is water; waters flowing with life.  The little girl then reached out her hand and I reached back to accept hers.  I then slowly opened my eyes to end my meditation.  In front of me was a woman whose hand I held.  She was completely illuminated with vibrant pale blue and gold colors.  She was Hope.  I held her hand not wanting the experience to end. 


Amazing!  God is simply amazing.  There would truly be peace in the world if people pursued knowing their true self through prayer, meditation and dreams.  The combination has the potential to crack open and awaken the hardest of souls. 


As is customary for me to do, I looked up the word Friday in Webster’s dictionary.  To my surprise:



The sixth day of the week.

prehistoric translation of Latin dies Veneris Venus’ day

before 12th century

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