Hades and the Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead

It is Thanksgiving Day in the Valley of the Dead.  There are celebrations everywhere with people feasting.  Many shop owners are selling souvenirs to take back with you after the celebration.  A man approaches me to escort me through the Valley of the Dead.  He explains how the day of Thanksgiving came to this place.  As I’m talking to him, it suddenly occurs to me where exactly I am.  I want to see Hades for what it really is.  I take flight and circle the valley.  Color here is muted in deep earth tones.  I am completely lucid.  I no longer fear flight because I know I am dreaming.  I look down to see my feet dangling below me.  Having lost my fear, I now spread my wings wide and move my focus to carefully observe the landscape.  I circle the valley several times feeling the intense euphoria of free flight.  I can see horses racing.  Yes they are real horses.  This is actually a very beautiful place with old world charm.  I then come back down to stroll through the many homes and shops.  I’m looking for a suitable souvenir to bring back with me.  As I’m browsing the shops, my cell phone rings.  The ringing catches me off guard.  How could my cell phone be ringing deep in the Valley of the Dead? I answer it to hear the loving sound of my best friend Dinah’s voice.  As I listen to her voice, I realize I am connected to the other side.  I can now choose to change my path and find the answers which have eluded me in the past.  I am now in a unique position to call up the roots of my issues and correct for them by bring back a souvenir. 


My attention then falls upon an ash tray with the insignia of the Valley of the Dead embossed upon it.  These ash trays are used to keep a portion of the cremated remains of those who at one time dwelled upon the earth and are now living in the Valley of the Dead.  These now empty ash trays are ready to be brought back to the surface.  I then take flight once again ready to return home.  As I leave I notice there is a noose tied around my neck whose line now trails me into the Gates of Hades.  As the noose begins to tighten the line snaps free.  I then reach over my head to remove the remaining noose from around my neck.  I watch the noose as it is carried off by the wind beneath my wings.  I am free. 

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