Hands Off Chaplin Toe

 Words by Edgar Leslie. Music by Archie Gottler, Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries, The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection
Those Charlie Chaplin Feet

I had a dream where I have a Charlie Chaplin hairy toe.  Now I’ve never heard of such a thing but that is how the dream described it to me.  I see the man’s toe which is bigger than the average toe and very hairy.  At times, the toe opens up to reveal a hand.  There is a train operator who is in charge of conducting a black armored car on the track.  It looks similar to a Presidential Motorcade in that the walls are reinforced and the windows are tinted black.  I understand the train to be mine (Charlie Chaplin’s).  Standing there looking at the locomotive I notice a dent in the handle which looks more like a refrigerator handle because the door is so thick with reinforcement.  Unhappy with the situation I reach in with my hand to depress the dent from the inside.  The handle immediately returns to it’s original shape.

I board the car and inside find a machine which produces sound effects.  I test the machine by selecting more sounds to be mixed.  I set the tone, tenor and pace.



When I woke up I thought to myself what an odd dream.  From where in the world did my subconscious mind dredge up a reference to Charlie Chaplin and of all things an unusual feet.  So I did an internet search for Charlie Chaplin Toe and found a song done called “Those Charlie Chaplin Feet“.  Here is the song on YouTube.