Hind Sight Is $20 $20

May 31, 2018

I am at a boys school or camp where we are staying.  I am told my dog has a skin tag that needs to be removed.  I am given instructions on removing it.  Tie a knot and cut off the excess.  I do as instructed but the surgery doesn’t go well.  After the surgery my dog’s vision is tested and the focal point is off.  He is now near sighted and won’t be able to see clearly.  I will have to attend to his needs to teach him where his food is and where and how to pee.

I am laying in bed.  I sit up for a minute to get something out of my backpack.  I’m not sure what I’m looking for.  Rummaging through the bottom of the backpack I find a $20 dollar bill.  Thinking it is my lucky day, I continue looking through the bottom of the bag.  I uncover a second roll of $20 dollar bills.  I am wondering where it came from.  Sitting up in bed I look around and notice Joe my ex is laying in the bed beside me.  I think the money might have been placed there by Joe who owes me money for having damaged my credit.    I feel warm inside and as the opportunity presents itself a cuddle opportunity with him I lay behind him and spoon him from behind.